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2014 - Top 50 - Women's Silver Salmon Derby

Valdez Women’s Silver Salmon Derby
2014 - TOP 50

VALDEZ, Alaska – “The bite was on early in the morning, and then it just died,” said Valdez angler Barb Lyons. But that’s just what Lyons expected. Lyons took her boat, “Lyons Den” out on Friday to scout for silvers for the Women’s Derby and they caught a whopper of a fish early in the morning. Since the Women’s Derby was Saturday, Lyons said she figured it was the men’s day to fish. The 17.38 pound silver Dan Eide brought in Friday on her boat headed to the top of the derby leader board and got everyone excited about the possibility of catching big fish Saturday.
Lyons got out early in the morning Saturday and it seems that she was right about the early bite. Many of the big fish that came in were caught early in the morning, including a 17.54 pound silver salmon caught by 18-year-old Amanda Towne. Towne’s fish not only won the Women’s Silver Salmon Derby, it bumped Eide’s fish into 2nd place overall and put her in the lead for the overall derby.
Towne had her back to the pole and when her Dad hollered, grab the Pole. “We hadn’t caught anything all day so I was surprised,” Towne said. “Dad said “That’s a big one, so I grabbed the pole and yanked really hard”. When asked how she felt about being crowned the Queen, she replied, “Crazy, Excited, Happy”. Towne plans to put the $1,000 she won toward college. Towne won $1,000 in clothing and merchandise from the Prospector and if her fish holds onto the lead through the end of the derby, she would win $15,000 cash. Christy Glaza of North Pole took 2nd place in the Women’s Derby with a 16.84 pound silver and Ruby Mitvitnikoff of Valdez took 3rd with a 15.74 pounder. Women making the Top 50 all received a prize package that includes a winner’s fleece jacket.
In addition to the early bite, it seems that silvers were not schooled up in any particular area. Silvers were caught from Rocky Point to the Valdez Harbor on Saturday. Jacks Bay, the Narrows, Allison Point and even the Valdez Small Boat Harbor were productive for fish. It was tough to catch a limit on Saturday, but the fish were large. To get in the Top 50, a fish had to weigh more than 12 pounds.
In the Valdez Halibut Derby, Scott Hebig of Wasilla, Alaska is still leading with a 203.6 pound halibut he caught June 20th aboard the Amanda Rose. James McQuain is currently in 2nd place overall with a 171.6 pound halibut caught July 25th and Jeff Maurer of Elysburg, PA is in 3rd right now with a 171.4 pound halibut caught July 17th.
Halibut Derby – Overall Leaders
1st        Scott Hebig                 Wasilla, AK                203.6 lbs.         June 20            Amanda Rose
2nd          James McQuain           Fairbanks, AK             171.6 lbs.         July 25             Dawn Treader
3rd        Jeff Maurer                 Elysburg, PA               171.4 lbs.         July 17             Dawn Treader
Halibut Derby – Weekly Winners – Week #12
1st           Dan Verhalle               Whitehorse, YT           95.2 lbs.           Aug 8              Halibut Grove
2nd        Michael Anthony        North Pole, AK           91.4 lbs.           Aug 3              Hunky Dory
Silver Derby – Overall Leaders
1st        Amanda Towne          Valdez, AK                 17.54 lbs.         Aug 9              Amanda Rose
2nd        Dan Eide                     Valdez, AK                 17.38 lbs.         Aug 8              Lyons Den
3rd        Sandra Moore             Jackson, MO               16.86 lbs.         Aug 9              Connie B III
Place Name Hometown Fish Weight
1st Amanda Towne Valdez, AK 17.54 lbs.
2nd Cristy Glaza North Pole, AK 16.84 lbs.
3rd Ruby Mitvitnikoff Valdez, AK 15.74 lbs.
4th Terri Trudeau Wasilla, AK 15.14 lbs.
5th Jesseca Untiet Fairbanks, AK 15.10 lbs.
6th Sharron Barnhill Valdez, AK 15.04 lbs.
7th Viola Amberg Valdez, AK 14.98 lbs.
8th Rae Weeks Anchorage, AK 14.80 lbs.
9th Carol Harris Valdez, AK 14.46 lbs.
10th Bernadette Lalelio Fairbanks, AK 14.34 lbs.
11th Dawn Boedefeld Anchorage, AK 14.06 lbs.
12th Cheryle Fleming Valdez, AK 13.98 lbs.
13th Maliwan Turner Valdez, AK 13.90 lbs.
14th LaVonne Kennedy Valdez, AK 13.82 lbs.
15th Sandra Mobley Valdez, AK 13.82 lbs.
16th Marcie Robertson Valdez, AK 13.70 lbs.
17th Paula Groundwater Wasilla, AK 13.70 lbs.
18th Melissa Sanford Valdez, AK 13.66 lbs.
19th Jennifer Ehmann Palmer, AK 13.60 lbs.
20th Sherry Shaw Wasilla, AK 13.58 lbs.
21st GiGi Obren Valdez, AK 13.56 lbs.
22nd Allegra Butler Wasilla, AK 13.44 lbs.
23rd Amanda Sikarski North Pole, AK 13.36 lbs.
24th Shannon Hammerly Valdez, AK 13.28 lbs.
25th Sharon Blake Valdez, AK 13.24 lbs.
26th Liz Webber Valdez, AK 13.18 lbs.
27th Erin Johnson Anchorage, AK 13.14 lbs.
28th Jade Watts Valdez, AK 13.14 lbs.
29th Jessica Cox Valdez, AK 13.10 lbs.
30th Kellye Linder Valdez, AK 13.08 lbs.
31st Natalie Gabler Valdez, AK 13.00 lbs.
32nd Amanda Lea Anchorage, AK 12.92 lbs.
33rd Kim Dains Valdez, AK 12.86 lbs.
34th Barb Lyons Valdez, AK 12.84 lbs.
35th Katie Kesneker Anchorage, AK 12.84 lbs.
36th Fay Caro Miami Lakes, FL 12.78 lbs.
37th Susan Glade North Pole, AK 12.72 lbs.
38th Shana Kraft-Anderson Valdez, AK 12.68 lbs.
39th Cynthia Mayers Fairbanks, AK 12.68 lbs.
40th Tonya Rennie Anchorage, AK 12.68 lbs.
41st Evelyn Eames Anchorage, AK 12.64 lbs.
42nd Dana Freshly Great Falls, MT 12.64 lbs.
43rd Karen MacDonald Wasilla, AK 12.60 lbs.
44th Frieda Wiley Valdez, AK 12.52 lbs.
45th Crista Anderson Valdez, AK 12.50 lbs.
46th Christy Franklin Valdez, AK 12.50 lbs.
47th Rhonda Gross North Pole, AK 12.48 lbs.
48th Crystal Sandoval Las Vegas, NV 12.48 lbs.
49th Melissa Metzger Valdez, AK 12.40 lbs.
50th Barbara Gray Soldotna, AK 12.38 lbs.


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