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VALDEZ, Alaska – Warm weather and an early Spring have given Valdez charters and boat owners an opportunity to get their boats into the water and get fishing a bit early. Harbormaster Jeremy Talbott said he has seen a lot of private boaters hitting the waters to set pots for shrimp and has already seen two 75 pound halibut come across the docks.
Charter Captains in Valdez are also preparing for a busy season as anglers have high hopes of being the winner of the $15,000 first place prize in the Valdez Halibut Derby. A ticket costs $10 for the day or $50 for the season and must be purchased before heading out on the water.

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Monday, May 18th 2015
at City Council Chambers

Regular Meeting –7pm

Items include:
1.      Acceptance of the 2015/2016 Valdez City Schools Budget
2.      Approval of Change Order with DOWL in the Amount of $12,000 for the 10 Mile Material Site Analysis
3.      Approve Award of Contract to Curtis Electric / Apex Technical Services (Joint Venture) for VCT North Star Warehouse Upgrades in the Amount of $66,620.50

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All meetings of City Council and School Board are held in City Council Chambers, broadcast on 1230AM KVAK and streamed LIVE on

Richard Fraley was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer and is fighting for his life in Anchorage. An account has been set up at Wells Fargo to help he and his wife, Linda, with travel and living expenses. Richard is a veteran and has been a loyal friend to Valdez, so if you would like to help out, a donation can be made at Wells Fargo.
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Anchorage Daily News
Gov. Walker strengthens ties with oil industry in Slope tour
Known for having an adversarial relationship with the oil industry as a private attorney, Bill Walker made his first trip as governor to the state’s North Slope oil fields this week, taking a three-day tour of the widespread facilities and at times discussing prickly issues with oil officials.
New security landscape in the Arctic
Russia's Arctic buildup is, so far, lawful and logical in a time of reduced sea ice and increased commerce and traffic, say U.S. and Swedish officials who are monitoring it. 
Unusual weather pattern brings record highs to Barrow
Soaring temperatures in Barrow and across northern Alaska are linked directly to a high-pressure system above northwestern Canada and consistent with odd weather tied to warm waters in the Pacific. 
Pyhäjoki cottages in Finland make way for Russian-built nuclear reactor
Fennovoima’s planned nuclear plant in Pyhäjoki is proceeding apace, despite controversy, lack of final permits and opposition from some cottage owners who have been given until the end of the month to vacate the area. 
Study finds lower cancer rates among indigenous Sámi
Prostate, skin and breast cancer, the most common cancers for Finland's general population, are notably rare among the Sámi people.,
Gazprom, Lukoil in Arctic alliance
The two companies are joining forces in offshore projects to compete with Rosneft, and much of the action will be in the Barents Sea. 
Alaska, Washington senators file bill to build Arctic icebreakers
Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., have introduced a bill that would authorize the Navy to build up to six icebreakers for use by the Coast Guard.
Melting ice thaws relations between U.S. and Russia
The recent diplomatic thaw between Russia and the United States over the crisis in Ukraine has had little effect there, but it is being felt somewhere else -- in the Arctic Ocean, near the North Pole.
Some Sami languages disappearing
The Ter, Ume and Pite Sami dialects, once commonly used in the Barents region, have dwindled to a few speakers, most of them elderly. 
Obama defense of Shell Arctic drilling undercuts Kerry promotion of clean energy at Arctic Council
OPINION: Whether or not you think drilling offshore Alaska is a good strategy for the nation or the state, BOEM’s decision does not make the U.S. look like a leader. Instead, the Obama administration seems to be following a time-tested strategy: Drill for oil, clean up the spill, start drilling again.
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