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Frosty Fever 2015

KVAK will give away 1,250 buttons starting Friday, Feb 20th and one of them will win someone $1,000 cash. When you get a free button at participating giveaway location, you win prizes four ways.
1. Get Spotted Wearing a Button and Win Prizes Instantly
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 4. Listen to 93.3FM & 1230AM for the number on your button to be called
Call KVAK Radio within 12 minutes and 30 seconds
to win $100 Gift Certificates, Prizes Worth $100+, Ravn Alaska Tickets and the $1,000 Cash.
Stay tuned to KVAK and become a Listener Club Member for more info.





Today at the HHES Cafeteria
6:30pm – 8:00pm

The HHES PTA is having their annual family bingo night, tonight in the HHES cafeteria. The doors will open at 6pm and the bingo numbers will be called from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. To attend there is a minimum donation at the door of $20 for a family or $5 per person. Bingo night is “Luau” themed and attendants are encouraged to dress up for the event.

CLICK HERE for more information

The City expects to authorize the issuance of up to $20 million in general obligation bonds for Harbor improvements and expansion. According to the statement in the Council packet, it will take taxpayers 21 years to pay back the bond. 
The Council will vote Tuesday night to approximately an additional half a million dollars to Arcadis US for project management of the harbor project, bringing the anticipated management and planning of that project to well over a million dollars.
Proposition 2 on the November 4 ballot passed 53 to 47 percent statewide, and opening the door to legal marijuana use has opened the door to many questions. The initiative provides for the personal use of marijuana by adults 21 years or older. However, until the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board adopts regulations governing the production and sale of marijuana-related products, open and public consumption of marijuana will still be prohibited. A FAQ has been posted on the City of Valdez website regarding marijuana that explains that,it will still be illegal for those under 21 years of age to possess marijuana. The FAQ includes a timeline that lists November 24, 2015 as the deadline for the ABC Board to adopt regulations.

CLICK HERE to see the full Marijuana FAQ 

News Watch
Anchorage Daily News
The Arctic -- An uncommon heritage of humankind
With the Arctic Council, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and other entities and rules already keeping the Arctic peaceful and orderly, there is no need for a new Arctic treaty to sort out international relations at the top of the globe. 
Aurora tourism numbers on the rise in Yellowknife
There is more business from Vancouver, where tourists see Arctic Canada as an easier destination than Scandinavia. 
Low-water-level fund to cover N.W.T. diesel power crisis, minister says
A broken turbine at the Snare Falls hydroelectric plant means use of costly backup diesel, and the operators say they need some relief.
Walker: Alaska gaining allies in campaign for offshore oil revenue sharing
With oil leasing now planned for waters off the East Coast, Alaska has new allies in its long-running campaign to claim a share of revenues earned from future oil production in federal offshore territory, Gov. Bill Walker said Tuesday.
New USGS maps show Alaska sites with rare-earth element potential
The U.S. Geological Survey has released new maps identifying areas of northern and central Alaska with potential for deposits of rare-earth elements that are becoming commercially valuable because of their use in high-tech products. 
Rosneft asks permission to postpone activity on 12 Arctic licences
The company is citing the pullout of foreign partners and evaporation of investment support as justification for license extensions. 
Arctic train would open up polar potential, supporters say
A rail link from Finland to the Norwegian Arctic coast could be a "rolling pipeline" shipping ore, LNG and other goods to markets, boosters say.
US companies bid for contracts in Arctic Russia
U.S. and EU sanctions have not deterred oil service companies Schlumberger and Baker Hughes from bidding on contracts to service the Prirazlomnoye ​project in Russia's offshore Arctic.
Alaska deepwater port proposed for vessels in Arctic waters
A historic Alaska gold-mining city could be the first place where the federal government invests in a deep-water port to serve vessels in Arctic waters.
Value of Norway’s oil exports plunges by half
Plunging oil prices and falling oil production have brought economic pain to the Nordic nation.
Fairbanks Daily News
Budget proposal could ground some Alaska aircraft
JUNEAU, Alaska - A budget proposal could wind up grounding two search and rescue helicopters and a plane capable of prisoner and personnel transports.
Regulators approve tougher rules for Internet providers
WASHINGTON  — Internet activists declared victory over the nation's big cable companies Thursday, after the Federal Communications Commission voted to impose the toughest rules yet on broadband provid
State study involves pregnancy tests placed in Alaska bars
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A state-funded study launched in Alaska involves offering free pregnancy tests at 20 bars across the state.
Bethel man arraigned on murder charge in death of girlfriend
BETHEL, Alaska  - A 27-year-old Bethel man has been arraigned on charges he strangled his girlfriend after she annoyed him while they were drinking, and he left her decomposing body in the apartment.
Alaska regulators propose permanent definition of public place
JUNEAU, Alaska - A state board wants to make permanent the emergency regulation passed this week defining public places where marijuana can't be smoked.
Ketchikan school board recommends minimum age for bus drop-offs
KETCHIKAN, Alaska - The Ketchikan School Board has voted to recommend kindergarten as the minimum level for student bus drop-offs.
Asia-bound cargo ship held in Alaska harbor amid inquiry
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Federal prosecutors say a cargo ship picking up seafood to take back to Asia has been detained in an Alaska harbor amid an environmental crimes investigation.
Alaska lawmakers introduce proposal for commercial marijuana
JUNEAU, Alaska — Alaska lawmakers have presented a preliminary plan for regulating a new commercial marijuana industry.
Anchorage police cite 3 for public pot smoking
JUNEAU, Alaska — The legalization of marijuana in Alaska didn't go as flawlessly as first thought.
Nageak taken from Alaska Capitol by ambulance
JUNEAU, Alaska — A Barrow state representative was taken by ambulance from the state Capitol.
Minority lawmakers push back on Alaska education budget proposal
JUNEAU, Alaska — A House subcommittee has proposed deeper cuts to the state education department budget than those put forth by Gov. Bill Walker, prompting objections from the Democratic-led minority.
Remote Alaskan village needs to be relocated due to climate change
KIVALINA, Alaska - This tiny and isolated town of 400 cannot be reached by road. It lies on a fragile barrier island along the Chukchi Sea, 83 miles above the Arctic circle. And for generations, the I
Juneau man arrested in connection with recent burglaries
JUNEAU, Alaska - A 33-year-old Juneau man has been arrested in connection with recent commercial burglaries.
Alaska Senate panel holding summit on crime
JUNEAU, Alaska - The Senate Judiciary Committee is planning to hold a crime summit Wednesday afternoon.
Bethel man held in death of woman found in apartment
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A 27-year-old Bethel man has been taken into custody on suspicion of murder in the death of a woman.
Southeast Alaska tribal organization OKs gay marriage
SITKA, Alaska (AP) - The Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska has given the go-ahead to its courts to allow the performance of same-sex marriages.
Alaska lawmaker writes out-of-town expenses check to education program
JUNEAU, Alaska - An Anchorage lawmaker says she's writing a check for three days of her daily allowance for expenses and giving it to an early childhood learning program.
Hoffbeck talks gas line during confirmation hearing
JUNEAU, Alaska - Revenue Commissioner Randall Hoffbeck says Gov. Bill Walker plans to continue pushing the major liquefied natural gas project that Alaska has been pursuing with oil and gas and pipeli
Kodiak's floating strip club's latest trouble: Human waste disposal
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Almost from the moment a converted crabbing boat became a floating strip club off the shore of an Alaska island, it's been beset by legal tangles over safety rules and liquor laws.
Lost crab pots still catching king crab near Kodiak Island
KODIAK, Alaska - Derelict crab pots lost on the bottom of a Kodiak Island bay are capturing significant numbers of its king crab, according to scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admi
Former head of nonprofit group pleads guilty to theft
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The former CEO of an Anchorage substance abuse and education advocacy group pleaded guilty to stealing more than $34,000 from the organization.
Alaska strip club owners accused of dumping waste in harbor
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The owners of an Alaska strip club operating on a boat have been indicted by a grand jury for piping human waste from the bathrooms directly into a Kodiak harbor.
USGS releases new Alaska mineral potential maps
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The U.S. Geological Survey has released maps of two Alaska regions that show their potential for critical minerals such as rare earth element deposits.
Alaska fisheries board opens 10-day meeting in Sitka
SITKA, Alaska - A 10-day meeting of the Alaska State Board of Fisheries has begun in Sitka.
Alaska minimum wage goes up on Tuesday
JUNEAU, Alaska - Alaska's minimum wage will rise to $8.75 an hour Tuesday, giving a pay increase to thousands of workers.

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