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The City of Valdez recently published a document that outlines information and possible outcomes for a sustainable-affordable Valdez economy. Strategic plan workshops started this discussion back in 2010 and it will be continued Tuesday, September 8th at the 7pm during the regular City Council meeting. Interim City Manager Bob Jean said he hopes the September 8th meeting will become part of an ongoing conversation over the next few years. 

CLICK HERE to read the packet put together by City Manager Bob Jean
VALDEZ, Alaska – Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Valdez will be sending a team of commercial fishing vessel examiners to Cordova September 17-21, 2015.
This will be the third and final visit made by MSU Valdez to conduct exams for this year. The Coast Guard encourages mariners to schedule their free commercial fishing vessel safety exams to improve preparedness and ensure they are in compliance with current regulations.

CLICK HERE for full press release
Sean Duffy moved from Valdez to Anchorage a couple years ago and plays baseball and football at West Anchorage High School. Currently starting quarterback for the Eagles, Duffy was recently featured in a story the Alaska School Activities Association website.

CLICK HERE to read.
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Anchorage Daily News
Unmanned vessel aids in charting Arctic waters
A Palmer-based company used an unmanned boat to perform bathymetry surveys in support of NOAA efforts to create navigational charts in Alaska's Arctic waters.
Obama brings funding, climate change announcements on trip to Kotzebue
President Obama on Wednesday will announce new efforts and funding to encourage energy efficiency in remote villages and the appointment of a federal coordinator for “climate resilience” in Alaska during his trip to Kotzebue.  
Paring his bucket list, Obama relishes a hike in Alaska
President Obama is in legacy mode but also in bucket-list mode, increasingly determined to use his remaining 15 months in office to do and see spectacular things. These days, when Obama’s policy agenda overlaps with an irresistible sightseeing opportunity, he grabs it. 
Climate change, opportunities drive far-flung interest in Arctic
Worried about the effects of a warming Arctic and drawn to the economic opportunities it poses, nations from from the region are increasingly taking an active interest in the Arctic.
Highlighted by Obama visit, Seward is a microcosm of climate change
If Alaska is on the “leading edge” of global climate change, as President Obama puts it, then that edge is particularly sharp in the picturesque port town of Seward, which hosted him on Tuesday.
Shell president: 'Oil will be required for a long time'
The president of Shell Oil Co. says exploratory drilling off Alaska's northwest coast is going well despite stormy weather last week that caused the company to halt operations for a few days.
US, Russia united in desire to protect Arctic Ocean from unregulated fishing
While the relationship between the United States and Russia has deteriorated in other parts of the world, the two nations are working together as part of an effort to keep commercial fishing out of the Arctic Ocean.
Obama calls for more icebreakers in Arctic as US seeks foothold
President Obama on Tuesday proposed speeding the building of new icebreakers that can operate year-round in the nation’s polar regions, part of an effort to close the gap with other nations, especially Russia, in the Arctic.
Full transcript: Obama speaks at GLACIER in Alaska
Full transcript of President Barack Obama's speech from the GLACIER Conference in Anchorage on Monday.
Indigenous concerns get spotlight at Arctic conference
Indigenous residents from some of the smallest communities and most remote parts of Alaska had a message for international leaders who convened in Anchorage for a high-profile State Department-hosted Arctic conference: Climate change is an existential threat.
Fairbanks Daily News
Obama arrives in Dillingham on final day of Alaska tour
ANCHORAGE — With a historic visit to the Alaska Arctic, President Barack Obama was shining a spotlight Wednesday on the plight of residents in rural Alaska, where Alaska Natives and others toil under
Chinese warships in Bering Sea as Obama visits Alaska
WASHINGTON - A U.S. official says five Chinese warships have moved into the Bering Sea near Alaska after participating in a naval exercise with Russia.
Alaska Supreme Court to hear school funding lawsuit soon
KETCHIKAN, Alaska - Attorneys for both the state of Alaska and the Ketchikan Gateway Borough are preparing to make their cases on education funding before the Alaska Supreme Court this month.
Seward to move forward with renewable energy heating project
SEWARD, Alaska - The Kenai Peninsula city of Seward has voted to move away from heating oil and create a renewable energy heating district.
Obama visit puts spotlight on plight of rural Alaska
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - It's a good bet that President Barack Obama will never use a honey bucket.
Shell president: 'Oil will be required for a long time'
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The president of Shell Oil Co. said Tuesday exploratory drilling off Alaska's northwest coast is going well despite stormy weather last week that caused the company to halt operati
Obama plans to boost icebreaker fleet
ANCHORAGE - President Barack Obama wants to accelerate by two years plans to acquire a new icebreaker and will ask Congress for money to build additional ones for the Coast Guard, in an effort to keep
White House: Alaska's Medicaid expansion 'right decision'
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The White House on Tuesday praised the decision by Alaska Gov. Bill Walker to expand Medicaid to thousands of residents over the wishes of the Republican-led Legislature, calling i
Obama buys out cinnamon rolls at Anchorage cafe
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - How many cinnamon rolls does it take to feed a presidential entourage? If you're President Barack Obama and you're unsure, you err on the safe side and take the whole bunch.
In climate bid, Obama stares down melting Alaska glacier
SEWARD, Alaska — President Barack Obama stared down a melting glacier in Alaska on Tuesday in a dramatic use of his presidential pulpit to sound the alarm on climate change.
Bethel homeless shelter receives state grant
BETHEL, Alaska - A homeless shelter in Bethel has been awarded state funding even as the Alaska Legislature continues to slash the budget.
Alaskans at conference also see opportunities in climate's change
ANCHORAGE—The take-home message from the State Department’s conference here is that global climate change is already harming Alaska communities. They're seeing coastlines disappear, less regular sea i
Shell resumes operations after storm forces Arctic stop
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Royal Dutch Shell PLC has resumed operations after high winds and rough seas north of Alaska's northern coast put a temporary stop to exploratory drilling in the Arctic Ocean.
McKinley-themed businesses look ahead after name change
FAIRBANKS—Mt. McKinley Bank is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, but few would have expected when it was founded that the bank would outlast the mountain.
Environmentalists in Anchorage rally against Arctic drilling
ANCHORAGE — Environmentalists rallied Monday against oil drilling in the Arctic, gathering at an Anchorage park near a climate change conference President Barack Obama was scheduled to attend later in
Kerry: Climate change potential for harm similar to WWII
ANCHORAGE — Secretary of State John Kerry kicked off a conference on the challenges of climate change by comparing it to the crisis faced by world leaders last century.
Q&A about decision to change Mount McKinley to Mount Denali
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — North America's tallest mountain will soon return to its previous name, Mount Denali, more than a century after the Alaskan peak was named to honor President William McKinley, who
Obama, in Alaska, calls for action on global climate change
ANCHORAGE—A packed Dena'ina Center filled with foreign ministers, climate experts, Alaska Native leaders and media from around the world hushed shortly before 5 p.m. when U.S. Secretary John Kerry too
'Denali' restored as name of North America's tallest mountain
FAIRBANKS — The White House announced on Sunday that President Obama has restored the name Denali to North America’s tallest peak, ushering out the controversial era of Mt. McKinley.
President to take wilderness trip with Bear Grylls in Alaska
NEW YORK - Survival expert Bear Grylls has bagged his biggest celebrity yet for a walk in the wilderness - President Barack Obama.
Injunction against federal water rule may expand
BISMARCK, N.D. - A federal judge in North Dakota is allowing arguments over the scope of his injunction blocking a new Obama administration rule that would give the federal government jurisdiction ove
Obama administration looking for ‘balance’ in Arctic policy
FAIRBANKS — President Barack Obama will arrive today in Alaska, expected to touch down this afternoon in Anchorage, and his three-day visit will showcase the impacts of global climate change on Alaska
Alaska charter school combines traditional, home-school models
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Last week, hours after thousands of students across town grabbed their backpacks and entered their classrooms for the start of the 2015-16 school year, a brand-new Anchorage charte
Juneau woman starts 'Forest Song Nature School'
JUNEAU, Alaska — On a recent morning in the Twin Lakes area, a group of kids climbed a root wad, pretending it was an engine. They walked under devil's club and through ferns, looking for blueberries.
Personal beacon hastens rescue of stranded hiker near Juneau
JUNEAU, Alaska - A personal locator beacon that sends out GPS coordinates helped Juneau searchers find a stranded hiker on Friday.

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