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Polls Open: Tuesday May 5, 2015
7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Polling Locations
Precinct No. 1 - Valdez Teen Center
Precinct No. 2 - Valdez City Council Chambers
Precinct No. 3 - Robe River Fire Station

For additional information, please contact the City Clerk's office at (907) 834-3468

Election Questions were mailed and e-mailed to all candidates for City Council & School Board. The answers in this publication are the printed exactly as received by KVAK.

City Council Candidates
Robert Mueller
Alvin Murray
Dawson Moore
Doug Davies
Greg Davis
H. Lea Cockerham
Lon Needles
Ryan McCune

Question #1 - CLICK HERE to read Candidates Answer to the Following Question, What experience do you have with budgeting, investments, and finance?

School Board Candidates
Dolores Gard
Kathleen Todd

Question #1 - CLICK HERE to read Candidates Answer to the Following Question, What experience do you have with budgeting, investments, and finance?

Monday, May 4th 2015
at City Council Chambers

Regular Meeting –7pm

Items include:
·         Approval to Award Allison Point Campground Operating Permit to Margaret Nylund for 2015 Operating Season

·         Approval of Professional Services Contract with Slavin Management Consultants for City Manager Recruitment Services in the Amount of $26,875.00

·         Approval to Purchase Telephone System for the Valdez Middle School from Copper Valley Telephone in the Amount of $58,205.06

CLICK HERE for full agenda

All meetings of City Council and School Board are held in City Council Chambers, broadcast on 1230AM KVAK and streamed LIVE on
News Watch
Anchorage Daily News
Seattle requires new permit for Shell’s drill ship to moor, but may not issue it
The Polar Pioneer drill ship and its accompanying tugboats do not -- for now -- belong at the port’s Terminal 5, a site currently devoted to cargo ships, Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development has ruled.
Rosneft readies more Kara Sea mapping
The company, hit by Western sanctions and low oil prices, is postponing drilling, but it says seismic mapping is still a go. 
Norway must ramp up military in response to Russia, report says
There is little risk of outright conflict, but Norway should invest more in its military to restore a power balance in the region, the report says. 
Shrimp blast into space from Arctic Sweden
The small space visitors are helping scientists better understand the mechanics of motion-sickness in microgravity, knowledge that would feed into a possible Mars mission. 
Sunken Soviet submarines threaten massive radioactive contamination
One of the vessels sank 12 years ago; the other was disposed of, after it was damaged, in Stepovogo Bay in 1982. If dangerous materials leak, the fish-rich areas would be closed off to commercial harvests. 
Finland’s Sámi request UN's help in securing their rights
A Finnish Sámi leader, disappointed by the failure of her nation to ratify an indigenous rights treaty, wants international pressure to push Finland's parliament to act.
Warming waters pose dangers to Arctic cod, research finds
The first successful captive rearing of Arctic cod is revealing important information about a species that spends critical parts of its life beneath Arctic ice, scientists say. 
Invisible organisms threaten to make climate change much worse
A new study tackles the question of how rising temperatures can change the activity of microorganisms in the Arctic. The study focuses on methane production rather than carbon dioxide — an important issue to understand because of methane's potency.
Arctic Council ministerial -- winners and losers
With the U.S. taking leadership of the Arctic Council, climate change moves to the forefront of the agenda and some Canadian priorities take a back seat. 
Oil spills surprisingly common in Finland, but cleanup dependent on volunteers
As vessel traffic increases, so do spill risks. The Saimaa region, home to a rare lake seal, is particularly vulnerable.
Fairbanks Daily News

Ray Lazano

Caj Rohrer

Katie Franciosi

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