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Local News
News Miner (04-12-15) - Lightning struck an Alaska Airlines plane carrying a contingent of Interior high school student’s home from a conference in Southeast Alaska on Sunday. The lightning strike did not affect the flight plan of the plane, a Boeing 737-400, and the plane was able to complete its flight from Sitka to Juneau. The plane was carrying about 140 passengers, many of whom were making the first leg of their trip home from the Alaska Association of Student Governments Conference at Mount Edgecumbe High School. The conference brings together high school students involved in their schools’ governments to talk policy, engagement and governance each spring.

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Fiona Caroline Juleen came into this world April 4th at 3:01pm. She weighed 7lbs. 14oz. and was 20 ¼ inches long. Her parents are Mike Juleen and Ellen Sneve.


“Tsunami” by Marjorie Scholl


The Valdez Museum and Historical Archive was recently mentioned in an article about an art exhibition they  coordinated. Communities, Disaster and Change is a traveling exhibition coordinated by the Valdez Museum and Historical Archive. Framed by the 50-year anniversary of the devastating Good Friday earthquake that struck Alaska on March 27, 1964, the exhibit showcases the art of 2 artists from around Alaska. Each artist has one piece, although some works contain multiple elements, such as diptychs and sculptural arrangements that address the theme of natural disasters’ effects on their communities.

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News Watch
Anchorage Daily News
BLM completes cleanup of 6 legacy wells in Umiat area
Cleanup is done on six legacy wells that are relics of early oil exploration on Alaska's North Slope, the Bureau of Land Management said Friday.
Permafrost 'carbon bomb' unlikely, but worries over northern thaw persist
Permafrost in the circumpolar north will likely continue to thaw and release carbon dioxide and methane, but at a gradual rate instead of as a "carbon bomb," said a study published recently in the journal Nature. 
Protesters in kayaks meet Shell's Arctic drill rig as it arrives in Washington
Protesters in kayaks greeted a rig that could be used for oil drilling in the Arctic as it arrived in Washington state following a journey across the Pacific.
The Canadian Arctic Council ministerial -- what to expect
Canada's two-year term leading the Arctic Council produced some positive results, despite complications from tensions over Russia and philosophical splits over economic and enviromental goals. 
Cleaning up litter has expensive price tag in Finland
When snows melt in spring in Finland, tons of dumped trash gets revealed. The annual cleanup task is costly. 
Sweden: Government, opposition work together on defense
Most of Sweden's political parties want increased military spending, but negotiations are underway to reach a consensus on how big the increase should be. 
Arctic ‘unraveling’ due to global warming, and consequences will be global
A new booklet from the National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council wants to change that. Synthesizing much past academy work on the Arctic region, the booklet -- being released just before the United States assumes the chairmanship of the eight-nation Arctic Council later this month -- blazons this message: “What Happens in the Arctic Doesn’t Stay in the Arctic.”
Russia: Arctic megapolluter pays record-high dividends
Norilsk Nickel is pumping vast amounts of sulfur dioxide into the air, but it is also making big money for its wealthy CEO and other shareholders.
Arctic, Barents submarine patrols up 50 percent over last year
A buildup of the Russian submarine fleet means much more underwater traffic. The Russian Navy has plans for yet more subs to be built or moderized. 
State continues gradual reopening of Dalton Highway stretch closed by ice, floods
On Monday, the Alaska Department of Transportation allowed about 100 approved supply trucks to drive a stretch of the Dalton Highway that had been closed by ice and flooding. The agency will allow up to 200 more trucks to travel the road Tuesday.
Fairbanks Daily News
Alaska governor vetoes gas line bill
JUNEAU — In a move that was expected from the moment the Legislature sent the bill to him, Gov. Bill Walker announced on Friday he vetoed House Bill 132, a bill authored by the Speaker of the House to
Lawmakers approve change to rules for road service areas
JUNEAU, Alaska - Lawmakers have approved a change to state law that would allow boroughs to alter road service areas without voter approval.
Administration fees for vaccines to be waived for a week
JUNEAU, Alaska - State public health centers and the Municipality of Anchorage are waiving administration fees for immunizations for all ages as part of National Infant Immunization Week.
Alaska March unemployment rate stands at 6.5 percent
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Alaska labor officials say the state's unemployment rate in March was 6.5 percent, a slight increase over February's rate of 6.3 percent.
State plans to kill bear family in Anchorage neighborhood
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Alaska wildlife officials say they plan to kill a family of five black bears that's been roaming through an Anchorage neighborhood for a second year.
Alaska Legislature, Gov. Walker have lots to consider in final days
JUNEAU — With three days left in the regular 90-day session, the Legislature has a lot to get done, some things that might get done and quite a few things that won’t get done.
Alaska lawmakers plan joint session for Sunday, bucking Walker
JUNEAU, Alaska - The Alaska House and Senate plan to meet in joint session to take up appointments made by Gov. Bill Walker on Sunday, seeking to buck the new governor on the issue.
Gov. Bill Walker hints at special session over Medicaid
UNEAU, Alaska - Gov. Bill Walker on Thursday hinted at a possible special session if legislators don't act on Medicaid expansion before the session's scheduled end on Sunday.
Traveler's loaded pistol confiscated at Juneau airport
JUNEAU, Alaska - Police say a 64-year-old man's loaded pistol was confiscated after it was found in his carry-on bag at Juneau International Airport.
Comment period extended for Arctic offshore drilling rules
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The public will have 30 more days to comment on federal regulations for exploratory drilling in the Arctic.
University of Alaska president retirement date extended
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - University of Alaska president Pat Gamble is extending his resignation date for a few months so that candidates for his position can be properly vetted by the Board of Regents.
Murkowski reports raising about $690K during first quarter
JUNEAU, Alaska - U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski has reported raising about $690,000 toward her re-election during the first quarter of this year.
Eaglecrest manager details ski area's financial woes
JUNEAU, Alaska - Juneau's Eaglecrest Ski Area has a response for pass-holders asking why they won't receive refunds this year.
Alaska Legislature passes resolution on oil and gas development
JUNEAU, Alaska - Alaska lawmakers are asking the governor to push for oil and gas development in the state.
Rallies planned for Medicaid expansion in Alaska
JUNEAU, Alaska - Rallies are planned in several Alaska communities in support of Gov. Bill Walker's proposal to expand and reform Alaska's Medicaid program.
Anchorage mayor wants chronic drinkers sent outside Alaska
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The mayor of Alaska's largest city has an idea for dealing with the most problematic drinkers in town: Send them to Washington state for addiction treatment.
Coast Guard says remains of missing Alaska pilot found
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Searchers have found the remains of the pilot of a plane that went missing in Alaska's Prince William Sound.
Alaska House passes bill to change hunting and fishing license fees
JUNEAU — The House passed a Healy legislator’s bill to raise hunting and fishing license and tag fees for the first time in decades.
Alaska House amends, re-passes bill creating marijuana board
JUNEAU - The Alaska House reconsidered legislation it passed to create a new marijuana control board, tweaking it on the floor Wednesday.
Alaska-bound wolverine tries to escape from carrier at New Jersey airport
NEWARK, N.J.  - Authorities say a wolverine tried to escape from its metal carrier at a New Jersey airport and had to be tranquilized.
Alaska House passes bill to create regents residency requirements
JUNEAU, Alaska - The state House has passed a bill changing the makeup of the University of Alaska governing board.
Soldotna library collecting food for fines
KENAI, Alaska - Attention scofflaws: This would be a good time to turn in overdue books and other items to the Soldotna public library, which is collecting food donations for fines this week.
House Finance advances Interior Alaska energy bill
JUNEAU, Alaska - The House Finance Committee has advanced legislation aimed at addressing energy concerns for Interior Alaska.
Coast Guard resumes search for missing plane in Prince William Sound
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The Coast Guard on Wednesday resumed its search for a missing plane whose pilot reported engine trouble over Alaska's Prince William Sound.
Alaska House passes bill to allow hiring preference for veterans
JUNEAU, Alaska - Private employers are one step closer to being allowed to have a hiring preference for veterans.

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