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Preliminary Election Results – City of Valdez
Regular Municipal Election – Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Final results will be available Wednesday, May 6th after election officials count question and absentee ballots. Due to mechanical malfunction feeding 3 ballots, Precinct #1 will also be re-confirmed Tuesday night. KVAK will post final results as soon as they are available

3 Seats Available
Name Precinct #1 Precinct #2 Precinct #3 Total
Alvin Murray  25 25  27  77
Douglas Davies  49 22  37  108
Ryan McCune  172 88 136   396
Robert Mueller  23 17 23   63
H. Lea Cockerham  116 71 59   246
Dawson Moore  94 53 56   203
Greg Davis  95 59  73  227
Roger Kipar  29 28 33   90
Lon Needles  105 71 115   291
Question Ballots
55 Total Absentee Ballots to be counted Wednesday
John Hozey received the most write-in votes (140 Votes):
Precinct #1 - 89
Precinct #2 – 34
Precinct #3 - 17
2 Seats Available
Name Precinct #1 Precinct #2 Precinct #3 Total
Dolores Gard  206 128  142  476
Kathleen Todd  247 140  165  552
Question Ballots
55 Total Absentee Ballots to be counted Wednesday 


Polls Open: Tuesday May 5, 2015
7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Polling Locations
Precinct No. 1 - Valdez Teen Center
Precinct No. 2 - Valdez City Council Chambers
Precinct No. 3 - Robe River Fire Station

For additional information, please contact the City Clerk's office at (907) 834-3468

Election Questions were mailed and e-mailed to all candidates for City Council & School Board. The answers in this publication are the printed exactly as received by KVAK.

City Council Candidates
Robert Mueller
Alvin Murray
Dawson Moore
Doug Davies
Greg Davis
H. Lea Cockerham
Lon Needles
Ryan McCune

Question #1 - CLICK HERE to read Candidates Answer to the Following Question, What experience do you have with budgeting, investments, and finance?

School Board Candidates
Dolores Gard
Kathleen Todd

Question #1 - CLICK HERE to read Candidates Answer to the Following Question, What experience do you have with budgeting, investments, and finance?

News Watch
Anchorage Daily News
Carter: US Arctic defense policy falls short
The U.S. needs a more definitive defense policy for the Arctic, Defense Secretary Ash Carter told Congress Wednesday. 
As U.S. assumes chairmanship, what’s next for Arctic Council?
The U.S. emphasis on climate change means that non-Arctic nations that are big carbon emitters, like China and India, will be big players in addressing far-north climate problems. 
Arctic Council -- from looking out to looking in
Under Canadian leadership, the Arctic Council focused on issues of domestic Canadian concern, especially maritime and telecommunications issues. Those issues are important, but the inward focus might have undermined the council's international status. 
Up to 500 reindeer in Finland killed annually by trains; no fences planned
Reindeer herders want the state-owned railway to build fences to protect the animals, but the Finnish Transport Agency says the herders are responsible for erecting and maintaining fences. 
'Last Ice' claims lives of researchers
Scientists who were in the Canadian Arctic studying the thinning sea ice have fallen through, with tragic results. 
Russian governor praises role of Barents Council
Arkhangelsk's governor says the regional council is a model of regional cooperation, important in a time of geopolitical tensions. 
Three taken into custody at nuclear protest in Pyhäjoki, Finland
The action was staged at the site where Fennovoima is building a controversial plant. Two of the protesters chained themselves to excavation equipment. 
Seattle requires new permit for Shell’s drill ship to moor, but may not issue it
The Polar Pioneer drill ship and its accompanying tugboats do not -- for now -- belong at the port’s Terminal 5, a site currently devoted to cargo ships, Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development has ruled.
Rosneft readies more Kara Sea mapping
The company, hit by Western sanctions and low oil prices, is postponing drilling, but it says seismic mapping is still a go. 
Norway must ramp up military in response to Russia, report says
There is little risk of outright conflict, but Norway should invest more in its military to restore a power balance in the region, the report says. 
Fairbanks Daily News

Ray Lazano

Caj Rohrer

Katie Franciosi

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