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Our Good News Interview is with Katie Franciosi this Friday during the 9am, Noon and 6pm news hours. Franciosi, a Valdez High School Senior, recently won a writing contest and talks with KVAK about her journey through high school and how she discovered her love of writing and the outdoors.

ROOKIE COP PRAISED FOR HELPING BRING DOWN DRUG RING - VALDEZ – Officer Andrew Pritchett of the Valdez Police Department came to Alaska by way of Seattle. In February 2012, he and his wife moved up to Valdez so he could pursue his longtime dream of working in law enforcement. High school sweethearts, the snowy winters of Valdez did nothing to scare them away.
“I always wanted to be a police officer. I had two police officers who were kind of instrumental in my teen years,” Pritchett said.
When he was just six months out of training, Pritchett arrested 26-year-old Timothy Miller. That arrest would lead to convictions for Miller and five other people for charges related to drug trafficking. For a street cop in his rookie year of service, the arrest — and investigation that followed — was a remarkable accomplishment.

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VALDEZ - Beginning Tuesday, February 24, 2015, people age 21 and over can legally possess, outside of their homes, up to an ounce of marijuana and can grow up to six plants in their home (with up to three being mature, flowering plants). Adults may also give up to an ounce of marijuana and up to six plants to another adult. 
This week's City Council packet contains a bevy of information on the new marijuana law and has published public service information making it clear that marijuana is not legal for those under 21 and that one shouldn't drive while under the influence of marijuana. The public service announcement also provides common sense tips for marijuana. 

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News Watch
Anchorage Daily News
China: Mining and housing in the Arctic
Chinese companies have invested in a nascent iron-ore mining project in Greenland and in much-needed housing development in the Siberian city of Yakutsk. 
Finland: Gravel used on slippery streets leaves contaminants in spring
When hydrocarbons from auto traffic seep into the coarse road-sanding material, it becomes too contaminated to re-use and must be disposed of as hazardous waste.
Arctic development requires federal investment, Senate panel told
As Arctic waters open up for oil drilling, commercial shipping and even cruise ships, the United States needs to invest in icebreakers, maps and weather forecasting for the region. That was the consensus of senators, the Obama administration's Arctic envoy and expert witnesses during a Senate hearing Thursday.
Automated mosquito-zapping laser? Yes, please.
A new device promises to automatically track, and shoot down pesky mosquitoes with a burst of laser energy. It's perhaps the most high-tech way to massacre some mosquitoes.
Finland: Wind farm aims to limit harm to birds
The wind farm, to operate in an area important to migratory birds, will be augmented by a radar system that can put the brakes on turbines when avian flight patterns approach them.
Russian Arctic regions of Murmansk and Yamal widen cooperation
Leaders in the regions hope to capitalize on Arctic energy development and growing shipping activity in the Northern Sea Route, but they also have plans to improve the region's agricultural output and boost health care and tourism.. 
Russia boosts tourism business in Svalbard, Norway
A Russian coal-mining company that has long done business in the Norwegian archipelago has now branched out into the tourist trade. 
State proposes fees for aircraft landing at Deadhorse Airport
The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities is proposing a landing fee at the Deadhorse Airport, the aviation hub for the North Slope's oil industry, and some stakeholders aren't pleased with the idea.
Sanctions against Russia have cost Exxon Mobil $1 billion
The U.S. oil giant has paid dearly for its ill-timed partnership with Rosneft in various Russian oil projects  
China’s year in the Arctic
The Year of the Goat is now underway, according to Chinese tradition. A month-to-month review of the just-ended Year of the Horse shows how China is building its status as an Arctic player.  
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