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With the City elections just around the corner see how the candidates answered our question survey.
Mayor – Richard Long and Larry Weaver
City Council – Nate Smith, Christopher Moulton, and Marshall “Jim” Shirrell
School Board – Darryl Verfaillie, William Comer, and Bill Connell
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A bike was stolen in the Valdez area, if found please contact Jena at 907- 831-0479.

A sample ballot was just released for the upcoming elections
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Anchorage Daily News
No protections needed for North Slope loons, regulators say
Yellow-billed loons, migratory birds that nest on large lakes dotting Alaska’s North Slope, do not need Endangered Species Act protections, federal regulators said on Wednesday. 
Huge onshore crowds of walruses a new phenomenon for Arctic Alaska, scientists say
Scientists say gatherings of thousands of walruses on northwestern Alaska shorelines, like the congregation of 35,000 animals spotted this weekend near the village of Point Lay, are a relatively new phenomenon that could be risky to the big marine mammals.
Biologists spot huge gathering of walruses on beach near Point Lay
With floating ice sparse in the Chukchi Sea, an estimated 35,000 walruses were found crowded onto a beach Saturday near the Northwest Alaska village of Point Lay, according to federal biologists. 
A rare Arctic land sale stirs concerns in Norway
A Chinese businessman with deep pockets is looking to buy land in Norway, stirring speculation about moves by China to gain a permanent foothold in the Arctic.
Sweden: No proof that moose get drunk, say researchers
Researchers are deflating accounts of the large animals stumbling around while tipsy on fermented fruit.
Alarming situation for indigenous peoples in Russia
Indigenous leaders trying to participate in events outside Russia are facing new obstacles placed by hostile government officials. 
Russian planes violate Swedish airspace; Russian sanctions imperil Swedish cheese
Russian warplanes flew into Swedish airspace earlier this month, an incident that is even making the pacifist-rooted Greens reconsider their opposition to defense spending.
Shell, ConocoPhillips plead with White House for flexibility in Arctic drilling safety measures
Oil companies hoping to find crude under Arctic waters north of Alaska are imploring the Obama administration to ensure new rules governing drilling in the region don’t force them to stash emergency equipment nearby or block them from using chemical dispersants to clean up spills.
UN Climate chief on New York summit
Christiana Figueres, head of the organization's climate secretariat, says she expects to hear announcements from several nations and corporations about projects to curb carbon emissions. 
Secret nuclear cargo transported along coast of Norway
The United States and Russia put aside their differences to move some highly enriched uranium from Poland to Murmansk this month, part of a joint campaign to prevent terrorist groups from gaining access to the dangerous material. 
Fairbanks Daily News
Jury acquits Glennallen dentist of assault charges
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A former Glennallen dentist has been acquitted of charges that he sexually assaulted a woman while on a business trip in Anchorage.
North Slope, Beaufort Sea lease sales planned
JUNEAU, Alaska - The state Department of Natural Resources plans to hold its annual oil and gas lease sales for the North Slope, Beaufort Sea and North Slope foothills.
Oil wealth dividends distributed to most Alaskans
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Most Alaskans will receive $1,884 checks today as this year's share of the state's oil wealth that's distributed annually just for living here.
Alaska refuge proposes killing invasive caribou
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A federal agency is considering lethal measures to protect an Alaska island refuge from an invasive species - caribou.
Trucker convicted in Montana hit and run that killed Alaska man
BIG TIMBER, Mont. - A truck driver was convicted Wednesday of failing to report a crash on Interstate 90 in south-central Montana where an 81-year-old Alaska man was killed a year ago.
Neighbors weigh in on Anchorage school stadium
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The Anchorage School District is still eyeing construction of a state-funded football stadium at a local high school, months after its original proposal was rejected by the local p
Texan bids for Nuremberg stenographer's mementos
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - A Dallas woman bid $9,000 for documents from the Nuremberg trials that were found in an old locked trunk in Alaska that belonged to a postwar stenographer.
Alaska partners with child nutrition programs
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Alaska officials say the state is participating in "Farm to School" activities across the state in October by partnering with child nutrition programs.
No confirmed cases of unusual respiratory illness in Alaska
JUNEAU, Alaska - The manager of Alaska's infectious disease program says it wouldn't be surprising if an unusual respiratory illness that has affected children in the Lower 48 is detected soon in Alas
Suspects enter pleas in Juneau park fires
JUNEAU, Alaska  - A Juneau man has pleaded guilty to felony criminal mischief for 2012 fires that caused $26,000 in damage at a city park.
Iditarod renews TV deal with Sportsman Channel
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Organizers of Alaska's famed Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race have renewed a deal with the Sportsman Channel, continuing a national television presence for the nearly 1,000-mile trek a
35,000 walrus come ashore in northwest Alaska
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Pacific walrus that can't find sea ice for resting in Arctic waters are coming ashore in record numbers on a beach in northwest Alaska.
Federal agency expresses concern with dam studies
JUNEAU, Alaska - A federal fisheries agency has raised concerns about the accuracy of some studies being conducted for a massive proposed dam in south-central Alaska.
Man shot in Anchorage restaurant parking lot
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Anchorage police are investigating a shooting outside a fast food restaurant that left a man seriously injured.
Petersburg to host large Alaska Native gathering
PETERSBURG, Alaska - Petersburg plans to host one of the largest gatherings of Alaska Natives in southeast Alaska.
Parnell's office denies National Guard records
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Gov. Sean Parnell's office has denied a media request to obtain records showing how the office handled complaints of sexual abuse in the Alaska National Guard.
Parnell, Walker clash on spending, gas line
JUNEAU, Alaska - Republican Gov. Sean Parnell clashed with his major rival, independent Bill Walker, on state spending and a gas-line project during a debate in Juneau on Monday.
Aircraft documents stranded whales, recovery
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - An Army unmanned aerial aircraft captured something pretty tragic in the waters of Cook Inlet. Then it captured something joyful.
University of Alaska Fairbanks to host forest fair
FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The University of Alaska Fairbanks is hosting the 17th annual Farthest North Forest Sports Festival this coming weekend.
Alaska firefighters wrap up training conference
KENAI, Alaska — Firefighters from around Alaska wrapped up a training conference with some friendly competition in demonstrating work-related skills.
Anchorage police seek stabbing suspect
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - An arrest warrant has been issued for a man suspected in a weekend Anchorage stabbing.
UAS students learn about consent when it comes to sex
JUNEAU, Alaska - Freshmen at the University of Alaska Southeast are learning about what constitutes consent when it comes to sex.
Judge stops Alaska logging projects, pending review
JUNEAU, Alaska - Four southeast Alaska logging projects are on hold after a judge found the U.S. Forest Service didn't fully comply with a prior court order.
Police arrest man disrupting Anchorage traffic
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - Anchorage police say they took a man into custody who wandered through busy east-side traffic and knocked down an officer trying to make him stop.
Pro-pot group announces support from some Alaska parents
JUNEAU, Alaska - A group supporting the legalization of recreational use of marijuana in Alaska has announced what it calls a statewide coalition of moms and dads supporting the initiative.

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