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Election Questions were mailed and e-mailed to all candidates for City Council & School Board. The answers in this publication are the printed as received without corrections or editing. Read Biographies below and Click Link to read answers to questions posed by KVAK. Next Monday, we will feature another question and answer from each candidate.

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On Monday night, April 20th during their regular meeting, the Valdez City Council held an executive session to conduct the City Manager’s annual evaluation.
Following executive session, Valdez City Council reconvened to discuss the results of the evaluation.
“Council decided to move the City of Valdez in a different direction,” said Mayor Larry Weaver. “At 10:15pm on Monday, a vote of four to three ended the employment of the Valdez City Manager, Mr. John Hozey, effective 5pm on Tuesday, April 21st. Council Member Knight made the motion, seconded by Council Member Moulton to terminate the services of the Valdez City Manager John Hozey effective 5pm Tuesday, April 21st and appoint Assistant City Manager, Todd Wegner to serve as acting City Manager.
Council Vote
 Mayor Weaver – Nay
Council Member Shirrell – Nay
Council Member Wells – Nay
Council Member Smith – Yay
Council Member Moulton – Yay
Council Member Knight – Yay
Council Member Fleming - Yay

Newsminer (4-14-15) - KODIAK, Alaska - The Alaska state recorder's office in Kodiak is among six offices from the agency that are expected to be closed because of budget cuts.
Kodiak radio station KMXT ( reports the office certifies property purchases.
Alaska has 34 recording districts. The districts are served by 11 offices, which will be decreased to five offices.
Alaska Department of Natural Resources spokeswoman Elizabeth Bluemink says the department faces a net loss of 81 positions.
She says six of those positions are in recorders' offices, most of which are staffed by one person.
The other expected recorder's office closures are targeted for Bethel, Homer, Ketchikan, Sitka and Valdez. Five locations to remain open are Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Kenai and Palmer.
News Watch
Anchorage Daily News
Indigenous leaders warn international community: Continued tensions with Russia will harm Arctic
Indigenous people will be the first to suffer if cooperation efforts falter, leaders said at the Arctic Council meeting in Iqaluit. 
Norway is polluting Murmansk, says Russian official
A Murmansk environmental official claims industrial operations on the Kola Peninsula should not be blamed for the region's heavy pollution. Scientists, including those from Russia, are skeptical. 
Finnish mining firm gets green light for waste pipeline -- with tighter terms
The nickel mining company, beset by financial woes and legal problems over environmental violations, will be allowed to discharge waste only if amounts of sulfates and other effluents are reduced, regional officials say.
Russia: Norway has no right to stop anyone from visiting Svalbard
A one-hour stopover in Svalbard by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin -- one of the people targeted by Western sanctions over Ukraine -- is heightening Norway-Russia tensions. 
Oil industry whistleblower Hamel, subject of industry spy campaign, dead at 84
Charles “Chuck” Hamel, a whistleblower who became the subject of an undercover spy campaign by the oil industry in Alaska a quarter-century ago, has died at a nursing home in Marysville, Wash. 
Climate change emphasized as US takes chair of Arctic Council
Alaska will take center stage now that the U.S. has taken the helm of the eight-nation Arctic Council, with Secretary of State John Kerry calling Friday for reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions and Alaska leaders highlighting economic development opportunities. 
Arctic Finland looks for boost from Chinese tourists
Growing numbers of Chinese tourists are expected to visit Finnish Lapland, and there are new ties between Finland and China's Sichuan province. 
Microplastics a new threat to Baltic
The tiny bits of plastic, from common household products, are flushed into the sea in large quantities. Marine creatures can easily mistake them for food. 
New DNA codes for mammoths could be step toward bringing them back
Researchers have deciphered the complete DNA code, or genomes, of two mammoths. The new genomes are far more refined than one announced in 2008.
Alaska stands to benefit as US takes reins of Arctic Council
The U.S. will take over chairmanship of the Arctic Council on Friday, a change that will put Alaska at center stage for the council's focus on such things as climate change and Arctic infrastructure. 
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