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11 THINGS ONLY PEOPLE FROM ALASKA WILL UNDERSTAND – recently posted in their blog the top eleven things that people in the lower 48 wouldn’t understand, or at least not like us Alaskans.

CLICK HERE to view the full list.
67 Hikers participated in this year’s H.A.W.K program, hiking over 330 trails in and around the Valdez area this summer. Winners were drawn by 2012’s National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, Jennifer Pharr Davis after her inspiring speech at the Valdez Library last week. The winners are as follows:
3+ Trails – Shannon Mahoney-Irish
5+ Trails – Jenessa Ables
7+ Trails – Kathy Todd
9+ Trails – Ruby Morales

The Overall Drawing Winner was Ron Langseth.

Stay tuned for details on H.A.W.K. 2.0, a winter version of the hiking program is set to launch this this year!


More than 170 people will gather in Valdez on Wednesday for three days of workshops, meetings and presentations designed to address the issues facing electric utilities in Alaska. Those in attendance will hear an update on the Allison Creek Hydroelectric Project, and some insight on what is happening with Eklutna Generation Station. These are both in addition to the host of speakers on hand with ranging areas of expertise.
CLICK HERE for more information on the meeting.

Pictured: TC Greene of Valdez with her prize
VALDEZ, Alaska – There were not many changes on the leader board the last week of the Valdez Silver Salmon Derby or the Halibut Derby in Valdez. In the Silver Salmon Derby, a contender came in late August 28th that was two tenths of a pound shy of knocking Amanda Towne out of 1st place. Towne reeled in a 17.54 pound silver during the Women’s Derby August 9th and Paul Williams of Eagle River brought in a 17.52 pound silver on August 28th. Towne owns the distinction of being the only Women’s Silver Salmon Derby winner to also win the $15,000 cash prize in the silver derby. Williams won 2nd place and $5,000 for the fish he reeled up aboard the Silly Billy II. Greg Ledsworth of Tamarac, Florida took 3rd place in the silver derby with the 17.50 pound silver he caught from shore August 25th. The Big Prize Friday $500 winner was Nathen Ward of Fairbanks who reeled in a 14.08 pound silver August 29th aboard the Mayhem.

In the Valdez Halibut Derby, it was Scott Hebig’s 203.6 pound halibut that hung on for the 1st place $15,000 cash prize. Hebig caught his 203.6 pound halibut June 20th aboard the Amanda Rose. James McQuain of Fairbanks finished 2nd in the halibut derby with a 171.6 pound halibut he caught July 25th aboard the Dawn Treader and Jeff Maurer of Elysburg, Pennsylvania took 3rd place with the 171.4 pound halibut he caught July 17th aboard the Dawn Treader. Hebig’s halibut is the smallest halibut on record to win the Valdez Derbies, with the exception of the years when the Chamber of Commerce held a target weight derby. In 2013, the winner of the $15,000 first place prize weighed in at 325 pounds. In 2014, the 1st place winner had a fish weighing 335.7 pounds; in 2013 the winner tipped the scales at 277.2.
Every derby ticket purchased in the Valdez Derbies gives the buyer a chance to win a Ford F-150 4x4 truck from Valdez Fish Derbies and Seekins Ford. This year’s winner was T.C. Greene of Valdez.The Captain’s Prize of $500 was awarded to Dave Towne of Valdez aboard the Amanda Rose for both the halibut and silver salmon derby. Judy Bartlett sold the winning Halibut Derby ticket at the weigh-in shack and won the $500 ticket seller prize. Janis Johnson and Susie Koklich sold the winning silver derby ticket at the Prospector and will split the $500 ticket seller prize.

Next year’s dates, as well as pictures and information about the 2014 winners, can be found at
Halibut Derby – Overall Leaders
1st        Scott Hebig                 Wasilla, AK                203.6 lbs.         June 20            Amanda Rose
2nd          James McQuain           Fairbanks, AK             171.6 lbs.         July 25             Dawn Treader
3rd        Jeff Maurer                 Elysburg, PA               171.4 lbs.         July 17             Dawn Treader
Halibut Derby – Weekly Winners – Week #15
1st           Robert Meade             Lodi, WI                     117.6 lbs.         August 27       Dan Orion
2nd        Nikolay Oleynikov      Alameda, CA              80.2 lbs.           August 26       Dan Orion
Silver Derby – Overall Leaders
1st        Amanda Towne          Valdez, AK                 17.54 lbs.         Aug 9              Amanda Rose
2nd        Paul Williams              Eagle River, AK         17.52 lbs.         Aug 28                        Silly Billy II
3rd        Greg Ledsworth          Tamarac, FL                17.50 lbs.         Aug 25            Shore

For more information on the Valdez Derbies, visit:



Pictured: David Duke with his trophy size yellow eye rockfish

VALDEZ, Alaska – With less than a week left in the Valdez Halibut and Silver Salmon Derbies, it would seem that there’s a good chance of the leaders being knocked off the board in the Halibut and Silver Salmon Derbies …that is, if history is any indication.

If Scott Hebig’s 203.6 pound halibut takes 1st place in the derby, it will be the smallest halibut on record to win the Valdez Derbies, with the exception of the years when the Chamber of Commerce held a target weight derby. In 2013, the winner of the $15,000 first place prize weighed in at 325 pounds. In 2014, the 1st place winner had a fish weighing 335.7 pounds; in 2013 the winner tipped the scales at 277.2.
In the silver salmon derby, Amanda Towne’s 17.54 pound silver would be a respectable fish to win the Valdez Silver Derby, but a Valdez Women’s Silver Salmon Derby winner has never held on until the end of the derby. In 2013, the silver that took the big cash prize of $15,000 weighed in at 16.92. In 2012, the Silver Derby winner was 17.88. From 2008 through 2011, the 1st place winner weighed in at: 22.14 (2008), 22.14 (2009), 19.10 (2010) and 18.68 (2009).
The overall size of both halibut and silver salmon being brought in seems to be large this year, even though the silver fishing has been a bit slow. And anglers have brought in some sizeable ling cod and rock fish. David Duke reeled in a trophy yellow eye rockfish this past week while aboard a halibut charter
CLICK HERE to read the entire press release.



Results are in from the Alaska State Primary Election held last Tuesday. Nearly 3,000 voters turned out from District 9, and elected Jim Colver as the Republican Representative for House who will be running against Democratic candidate Mabel Wimmer. Wimmer ran unopposed in the Primary Election. Jim Colver beat out both the incumbent Eric Feige and George Rauscher with a total of 1,140 votes or about 39 percent.
The Valdez Municipal elections will be held Tuesday, October 7th for the positions of Mayor, City Council and Valdez City School Board. Three positions will be opening on the City Council with the term expiration of Council Members: Nate Smith, Donna Schantz and Chris Moulton.  Nate Smith and Chris Moulton will both be on the ballet for an additional term along with new comer Jim Shirrell. The three expiring terms for the School Board include the current president and vice president Anita Fannin, Dawn Farmer, joins Dan Walker. Darryl Verfaillie, William Comer and Bill Connell will be on the ballet for October. The two candidates who hope to secure the position as Mayor this fall are Richard Long and Larry Weaver.
CLICK HERE to view the official results from the State of Alaska Primary Election
Valdez students and staff participated in the yearly statewide survey, which measures how the school climate is perceived. The survey seeks to determine how connected the students feel to adults and their peers in a way that directly correlates to how they perform in school.  This includes the students and staff reporting on how many times they’ve witnessed students participating in risky behaviors like drug and alcohol use. Results from students showed a significant increase in student ratings over last year in the areas of: School Safety, Peer Climate, Caring Adults, and Parent and Community Involvement. The areas of noteworthy decline over the previous year were in the categories of: High Expectations, School Leadership and Student Involvement, and Respectful Climate. The staff results showed increased ratings in every category surveyed. However, students and staff results concurred that there was a considerable increase in reports of delinquent behavior at school and during school events. Students added that this included the use of drugs and alcohol, while staff reports disagreed. CLICK HERE to read the entire report.

Sister Marie Brent left Valdez Thursday morning for California. After 20 years in Valdez and more than 30 in the State of Alaska, Brent moved back to the Bay Area to be with the religious order she started with as a young woman. "I've had many adventures in Alaska and I will miss the people", said Brent at an ice cream social to honor her Wednesday night at the Senior Center. "But I have dear friends waiting for me in California". Laurie Prax got a chance to interview Sister Marie Wednesday night and her story will air this Friday during our "Good News" segment during the 9am, Noon and 6pm news hours.

Thirty two year old Andrei Rugamas was arrested on nine separate charges including felony vehicle theft, after a string of crimes was reported around the city.  Rugamas admitted to police that he remembers passing out behind the wheel of the stolen Subaru after drinking heavily at a local bar and on his way to eat breakfast. Police were able to make contact with the suspect after reviewing security footage taken around 4 a.m. Tuesday morning in City Hall. The footage reportedly shows a man appearing to be under the influence removing an electronic tablet device from the Fire Chief’s office. Rugamas is also being linked to a computer theft reported in July. Charges against the Missouri man also include DUI, driving without a license and felony misconduct including a controlled substance.

CLICK HERE to view the official press release.
The deadline for nominating petitions for the offices of Mayor, City Council and School Board is THIS Friday, August 15th at 5:00 p.m.. Petitions may be obtained at City Clerk's Office. The local election will be held October 7, 2014.

As of Friday, August 8, 2014 the status of candidates are as follows:
Alex Woolf - petition out
Jim Shirrell - petition out
Rich Long -petition out

City Council
Nate Smith - filed petition
Chris Moulton - petition out
Jim Shirrell - petition out
John May - petition out
Rich Long - petition out
Anna Lischka - petition out

School Board
No petitions out

To view the official notice of regular and school board election for the city of Valdez.
Bidding through August 21st
Bid packets available: Aug 11 – 21

Copper Valley Electric Association is accepting sealed bids for the sale of various vehicles and equipment. Items may be inspected at the CVEA office in Glennallen 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., August 11-21, 2014. Bid packets will be available at the CVEA offices in Glennallen and Valdez, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., August 11-21, 2014. Bid packets will also be available at Bids will only be accepted if submitted on the official bid form included in the bid packets. Bids will be accepted at either CVEA office until Thursday, August 21, 2014 at 5 p.m. Bids will be opened and awarded on Friday, August 22, 2014. Items will be sold as is, where is, and with no warranty.

CVEA reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

Valdez, Alaska – The Coast Guard responded to a 40-foot fishing vessel capsized in Prince William Sound, Monday, August 4, 2014. At approximately 5:00 p.m. Monday, Coast Guard Sector Anchorage received a report that the seine fishing vessel Auriga capsized while seeking shelter from the weather to the West of Unakwik Inlet with four people on board. The vessel was fishing in the vicinity of Eaglek Bay when a storm approached from the Southeast.

Thirteen pilots from across the country showed off their Valdez STOL (short takeoff and landing) demonstration in a fierce competition at one of the nation’s biggest airshows. The Air Venture 2014 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin debuted the typically unique to Valdez competition to a massive audience topping over 500,000 spectators.

2014 - Top 50 - Women's Silver Salmon Derby

On the afternoon of July 29th, Copper Valley Electric took a selected group of people to the construction site of the Allison Creek Hydroelectric Plant. At the gathering Copper Valley representatives thanked the supporters and discussed the history and progress of the hydro plant construction. Speakers included CVEA Chief Executive Officer Robert Wilkinson, CVEA Board of Directors President Will Stark, and CVEA Executive Engineer John Duhamel. Also in appearance to show support of the construction were the McMillen family of McMillen LLC, a representative of Senator Mark Begich, and AEA Deputy Director Sandra Moller. Concluding the ceremony the group was shuttled to the Solomon Gulch Hydro Facility for an ending reception.
CLICK HERE for information on the Allison Creek Hydro Construction.

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Copper Valley Telecom 4G LTE Wireless Service Expansion in 2014

Copper Valley Telecom’s new 4G LTE wireless data service expansion project is complete and will provide data service with superfast (10-15 mpbs) speeds in the Copper Valley service area and beyond.
The new expansions, added to the 12 initial sites upgraded in 2013, include the following 4G LTE site locations: Tazlina, Tolsona Ridge, Willow Mountain, Nelchina, Chistochina, Glenn-Rich Silver Springs, Slana, Cannon Hill (Chitina) and Sourdough and McCarthy. To take advantage of the new higher speeds, customers will need to have 4G LTE-compatible handsets like the Samsung S5.

CLICK HERE to read press release from Copper Valley Telecom.

Congrats to the Northern Exposure Men's Softball Team for placing third in the Mug Shot Softball Tournament in the Valley this past weekend! Additionally, Travis McCain, Tysen Blake, and Kris Albright were selected as Tournament All Stars and Darren Caudle earned the Tournament Golden Glove award! The Northern Exposure Men's team is comprised of Valdez Softball Association players from the Crowley, Hooligans, and Northern Exposure Co-Ed teams here in Valdez.

Photo by: Jena Devlin
The Valdez City School District is looking for people interested in driving students to activities and sporting events. There will be a free training course August 14th through August 19 in Valdez. In order to participate, students must have a CDL license or permit PRIOR to taking the class. This requires a DOT physical and a general knowledge test as a minimum to get the CDL permit. Those interested in beginning this process, call visit the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles to begin process. Call the District offices at 834-4701 with questions or to sign up.

CLICK HERE for the complete information sheet

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Women's Silver Salmon Derby in Valdez. "Who would have thought that it would have turned into what it has", commented Derby Board Member Joe Prax. "Registration for the first year's event was held at the Prospector the first year and we expected maybe 20 to 30 participants". The first year, the store was crammed with close to 200 women. The 2nd year, registration was extended to a week-long period and an opening and closing event were held at the Civic Center. The event grew at least 100 participants a year until 2012 where attendance leveled out at just over 700 women. Valdez Fish Derbies has a simple mission, "to promote sport fishing in Valdez". Through sponsorships and ticket sales, the organization purchases marketing throughout Alaska and the Lower 48 to talk about Valdez and fishing. Valdez Fish Derbies is run by an all-volunteer board of seven community members, receives no public funding, and the weigh-in personnel as well as many of the event helpers are volunteers.

CLICK HERE for Women's Derby Information.
Alaska Dispatch - What appears to be the largest halibut caught in the Pacific Ocean in at least a decade has been landed in the Alaska Panhandle port of Gustavus, but it will not be a world record. Seventy-seven-year-old Jack McGuire from Anaheim, Calif., lost the opportunity for the sport-fishing record book when his 482-pound halibut was shot and then harpooned before it was pulled aboard the charter boat Icy Rose.

CLICK HERE to read more.
PWSCC Newsletter - PWSCC’s Dawson Moore, Theatre Department Coordinator and Community Relations Officer, has had a couple of recent successes outside of the college. First, his article on Alaska’s leading playwright, Arlitia Jones, was published in The Dramatist, the official magazine of the Dramatists Guild of America. A short film based on his play Six Dead Bodies Duct-Taped to a Merry-Go-Round, was recently shown as part of an evening of short films by Alaskans, Summer Solstice, at the Bear Tooth Theatre in Anchorage. Congratulations, Dawson.

The 22nd Annual Last Frontier Theatre Conference was another rousing success, with over 200 theatre practitioners and enthusiasts visiting Valdez for the week. Some highlights included the presentation of the Jerry Harper Service Award to Mary Helen and Stan Stephens, the latter posthumously, for their long history of supporting the Conference with a donated cruise to Shoup Glacier for all participants. The evening performances included plays from past years of the Play Lab including Jaclyn Villano’s Unanswered, We Ride and Ashley Rose Wellman’s Gravidity. Both pieces were passion projects by people first exposed to the scripts at previous conferences. Cyrano’s Theatre Company presented Alaskan playwriting icon Dick Reichman’s The Audition, and PWSCC presented Eric Coble’s Bright Ideas, with the author attending as a featured artist for the first time. The Ten-Minute Play Slam again had a new captain, this time Anchorage’s Carrie Yanagawa, and the Monologue Workshop had its best year to date. Dates for the 23rd Annual Conference are tentatively set for June 14-20, 2015.

December 4th, 1916 – June 25th, 2014

Katie Harriet Dewing was born on December 4, 1916 and died June 25th, 2014 in Valdez, Alaska. She was the second of 8 children and the last to pass away. She moved to Seattle in 1938 with 25 of her friends via the Northern Pacific railway. In 1941 she married George Richard Dewing in Seattle, WA. In 1954 they joined George in Valdez, Alaska. Katie willingly volunteered her time and leadership to the Valdez PTA, the Valdez Senior Citizens, the Valdez Museum, the Epiphany Lutheran Church, the Valdez Public Library, and Harborview. She is survived by daughter Gloria (Tom) McAlister of Valdez, and son John (Judy) Dewing of Bellingham, WA. She is also survived by three grandchildren, David (SunMi) McAlister, Karin (Brian) Eckman of Palmer, Richard (Sheila Jordan) McAlister of Valdez, 8 great grandchildren, and 3 great-great-grandsons.

Asphalt Specialists are In Town Now
* Sealcoating *
* Crack Filling *
* Patching *
Call Patrick Jennings

Peter Daley – Master Roofer
* Cedar Shakes *
* Repairing & Treating *
* Flat Roof Specialist *
North Pacific Fuel is moving their office. They’re not moving far – from 201 Hazelet to 339 Hazelet. You’ll find the North Pacific Fuel Office in the green office building at the corner of Hazelet and Egan. They’re Just beside Valdez Office Supply, and beside Wells Fargo Bank. Now, that you know where they are, stop by to pay a bill, call in an order or just check out the new location. It’s time for a change. North Pacific Fuel has moved to 339 Hazelet Street. Look for their new sign and stop by between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday.


This July 4th marked the second annual mascot race during the Fourth of July Parade. This year had a total of ten different mascots, including last year’s winner, KVAK the Duck. After a dominant performance last year, KVAK looked to retain his title as fastest mascot for a second year in a row. This year posed tougher competition, and the biggest threat being 4G LTE Man. After having a slow start, KVAK pulled out a narrow victory over LTE Man. When asked about the slow start KVAK the Duck replied; “I just wanted to win in dramatic fashion.” With that win KVAK is still the reigning champion of all mascots and looks to get a 3-peat in next year’s competition.
On the evening of July 4th a vessel capsized in the Port of Valdez.
CLICK HERE to read the US Coast Guard Press Release.

July, 19th 2014
Valdez Fish Derby Weigh-in Station


BBQ 5pm at  Dock Point
Awards at 5:30pm

CLICK HERE for more information or visit

VALDEZ, Alaska – Nearly 300 kids converged on Valdez for the 6th Annual Kids Pink Salmon Derby. More fish were weighed in this year than last but the fish were not as big as the large pinks brought in during the 2012 derby. To get in the Top 10 for Pink Salmon ever caught in the Kids Derby, the fish would have to weigh at least 6.91 pounds. This year’s top fish tipped the scales at 5.38 pounds.

Kyle Eames of Anchorage brought in the 5.38 pound pink salmon to take top honors and win the 1st place prize in the 11 to 13 age division. Jace Branshaw of Valdez won the 5 to 7 year age division with a 5.1 pound pink. Penelope Porres of Palmer took top honors in the 8 to 10 year age division and Jeni Wolter of Fairbanks garnered 1st place in the 14 to 16 age division with a 4.94 pound pink salmon. All the 1st place winners took home a Longboard skateboard from Bahama Hawks. The 2nd place winners got a skateboard from Bahama Hawks and the 3rd place winners took home a fishing pole from the Prospector.
Copper Valley Electric Association will begin blasting activity at the Allison Creek Hydroelectric Project construction site as of tomorrow, Saturday, June, 21. Blasting will be intermittent throughout the next sixty days.

Please be advised that warning sirens may be heard and blasting may be heard or felt in certain locations of the Valdez community.

If you have additional questions, please contact Sharon Crisp at 835-7005 or email

The City of Valdez Baler Facility would like to remind you what can go into a dumpster verses what must be brought to the Baler Facility.  Dumpsters are for household waste like kitchen trash, food waste, paper products, plastics and clothing. Items not allowed in Dumpsters, but accepted at the Baler at 500 S. Sawmill Road are: wood; metal; oily waste and hazardous materials.
 Hazardous waste means waste that is capable of causing injury, disease or impairment of health or property damage, including but not limited to, poisons, pesticides, acids, caustics, infectious or pathological waste, radioactive materials, explosive or highly flammable materials, oil and petroleum products, batteries and burning or smoldering materials, or any item which – when disposed of into landfill – will cause contamination of groundwater or cause the groundwater to not meet state drinking water standards.

Please call the Baler at 835-2356 with any questions.

On June 12th Thomas “Tommy” Watson (DOB 10.15.81) was arrested and charged with 1 count of Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance in the 3rd degree a Class B Felony and 1 count of Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance in the 4th degree, a class C Felony.  
VPD officers received “Crime Stoppers” type “tips” that Thomas Watson has been receiving narcotics through the mail and then selling them in Valdez.  The tipsters specified that Watson was selling multiple drugs to include Marijuana and Methamphetamines.   A subsequent investigation determined that Thomas Watson was in Valdez and had possession of methamphetamine which he was actively trying to sell. As a result, Valdez Police Officers arrested Thomas Watson, and seized approximately 6.5 grams of methamphetamine, having an estimated street value of $1,500 dollars.  Police also seized a handgun, vehicle, and $250 in cash.
The Valdez Police Department considers this an ongoing investigation and expects further charges to be filed.
Thomas “Tommy” Watson is currently jailed at the Valdez Jail Facility and has a bail amount of: $10,000 and court approved third party.

12 TIPS TO WARD OFF MOSQUITOES wrote some easy tips to help deal with the annoying pests of mosquitoes.
Mosquito Prevention Techniques
1.) Water: Eliminate standing water which acts as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. (flower pots, children’s pools, watering cans, gutters etc.)
2.) Trash: Remember to keep the lids on trash cans to keep out the rain.
3.) Puddles: Cover up or fill in low places in your yard where puddles can develop.
4.) Gutters: Keep gutters cleaned out so water does not build up inside and become a mosquito breeding ground.
5.) Drains: Make sure all drains on your property are also cleaned out without leaves blocking them up so water can drain effectively.
6.) Pipes: Repair leaky pipes and outdoor faucets.
7.) Toys: Empty plastic wading pools at least once a week or store in a position that water will drain.
8.) Pools: Make sure your backyard pool is maintained properly.
9.) Holes: Fill in tree rot holes and hollow stumps that hold water with sand or concrete.
10.) Bird Baths & Planters: Change water in bird baths and planter pots or drip trays at least once a week.
11.) Grass: Keep grass cut short around the house, so adult mosquitoes will not hide there.
12.) Insect Shield® Clothing: Reduce the number of mosquito bites you get by wearing insect repellent apparel such as Insect Shield.
and by using topical insect repellents when outdoors.
CLICK HERE for more information and to view the Insect Shield Website.


Last Sunday was the tip-off of PWSCC’s 22nd annual Last Frontier Theater Conference. The conference was underway through the whole week and concluded on the evening of Saturday, June 14th. Throughout the week actors and playwrights rushed into Valdez participating in various types of workshops, play readings, and events around town, while also seeing evening performances each night at the Civic Center. On the final day the participants performed their final monologue’s, songs, and a mass group performed for the Ten-Minute Play Slam. During the evening the actors and playwrights congregated one last time for an evening reception and Gala where they honored the legacy of Stan Stephens and his family, and awarded them the Jerry Harper Service Award.
The state fair has just added four new names to the AT&T Concert line – up.
The All-American Rejects
Bachman & Turner with Blue Öyster Cult
KC and the Sunshine Band,
Michael W. Smith
Palmer, Alaska – The Alaska State Fair welcomes The All-American Rejects, Bachman & Turner with Blue Öyster Cult, KC and the Sunshine Band, and Michael W. Smith as the latest additions to the 2014 AT&T Concert Series line-up. Tickets go on sale to the general public at noon on Friday, June 13. Fair members can reserve tickets early. All shows take place at the Kendall Toyota of Anchorage Borealis Theatre.

CLICK HERE to view the full press release.

The Alaska Judicial Council recently wrote press release about their recent meeting to evaluate the performance of judges standing for retention in November of 2014.

Click Here  to view the full press release.

An African Proverb states, “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, spend the night in a closed room with a mosquito.”  Folks in Alaska understand this concept well.  One irritating buzz from a quick maneuvering mosquito can drive you crazy!  Although the inevitable bite is bothersome, it has never been deadly to me.  
     That’s why I’d like to thank the people of Valdez for supporting the Bite Back Run for the last four years.  Rain or shine, runners and walkers have shown up to participate in this race that has earned money for Compassion International’s Malaria Fund.  This year alone our community raised enough money to buy 140 insecticide treated nets for children living in areas with the infected anopheles mosquito.  One bite could mean death or at the very least debilitating symptoms for its recipient.  For the 2,000 children that die each day from malaria a lifesaving net can change the story.  Thank you Valdez for making a difference in the lives of hundreds of children!  
     And there’s more good news!  “Worldwide between 2000 and 2012, estimated malaria mortality rates fell by 45 percent in all age groups and by 51 percent in children under 5 years of age, and most of them (3 million) were kids,” according to the World Health Organization’s 2013 Report.  Our town’s contribution has contributed to cutting malaria’s mortality rates in half in the last 12 years!  That’s something to celebrate!  What could we accomplish in the next 12 years?  Sydney Haase commented, “Africa puts a whole new perspective on things that are easily overlooked when you have medical services at your fingertips.  I’m very grateful that this is something my home town supports.  It makes me very proud” I agree!  We really are changing the world, one child at a time.  Malaria Bites!  Bite Back!
Information has been released for Alaska’s election ballot in the fall. The election is scheduled to be held on August 19th and includes: the vote for Ballot Measure 1, and the election of the State Governor.
Click Here to view the full ballot information.

With the summer officially underway, the US Coast Guard has posted the graphic zones for the surrounding water around Valdez.
CLICK HERE to view the security zone graphic.

Kids’ One Mile Run
Girls Winner:  Morgan Minor
Boys Winner:  Blake Minor
5K Race
Overall Fastest Times for 5K Race
Men:  Sergei Wegner  18:52
Women: Lindsie King 22:17
12 and Under
Girls:  Caitlin Mond
Boys:  Wyatt Cummings
Ages 13 - 19
Women:  Sammi Allen
Men:  Sergei Wegner
Ages 20 - 29
Women:  Katie Valentine
Men:  Dan Harwood
Ages 30 - 39
Women:  Lindsie King
Men:  Bart Hinkle
Ages 40 - 49
Women: Tabitha Gregory
Men:  Dean Cummings
Ages 50 - 59
Women:  Julie Haltness
Men: Dave Winney
Ages 60 and Up
Women:  Bonnie Cudnuhufsky
Men:  Bob Engebretson

This year the 2014 Bite Back Run raised $1,286 for Compassion International's Malaria Fund. The money raised will be used to buy treated mosquito nets, provide education about malaria prevention, and treatment for those suffering from malaria.
Anchorage Daily News reports a strong, early push of red salmon in the Copper River has prompted the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to open the Chitina dip net fishery ahead of its normal June 10th start while adding bonus fish to the catch.

CLICK HERE to read the complete story.
The City Council will review an agreement that gives the Army Corp. of Engineers the go ahead to start work on the Federal portions of a Harbor project to the tune of $21 million dollars. According to a memorandum from City Manager John Hozey, the total project is expected to cost upward of 60 million dollars, which leaves a balance of 40 million dollars for Valdez taxpayers to come up. The memorandum states, “Approval of agreement just commits us to doing the project; however the City might choose to finance it. Approval of this agreement will trigger other actions in the near future necessary to prosecute such a major project in the time provided”. It is unclear at this time whether the public will weigh in on funding for the project.


Craig Baer

Sharry Miller

Sister Marie Brent

Valdez weather