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Police And Fire Report

Police Report

September 15th – September 21st, 2014

Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations
and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.
Disturbance: A caller reported an argument that had just occurred in front of a local business. Officers contacted one of the individuals involved and determined everything was fine.
Theft: A bicycle was reported stolen from a local bar. After the initial report was made to VPD, the bike was returned to the spot it was taken from.
Traffic Hazard: Officers removed debris from a roadway after receiving a complaint that it was causing vehicles to swerve while driving.
Animal Impound: An older dog was found by the Animal Control Officer and taken to the Animal Shelter. It was later released to its owners.
Animal Noise: A caller reported multiple dogs had been barking for hours at a nearby residence. Police dispatch contacted the owner of the dogs who agreed to put them inside.
Family Issues: A concerned parent reported their daughter had been leaving the residence and not returning home in a timely manner. After officers attempted to locate her, the daughter contacted her mother and returned to her home.
Theft – Property: A pressure washer was reported stolen from a local business. This is an ongoing investigation. If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the Valdez Police Department.
Traffic Complaint: A bus driver reported a vehicle passed the school bus he was driving after he activated the red lights and the stop sign arm was extended. This case is currently under investigation.
Disorderly Conduct: A caller reported a male and a female were fighting outside of a local business. Upon contact, officers discovered the individuals were having a verbal disagreement and disorderly conduct warnings were issued to the involved parties.
Hit & Run: A caller reported his snow machine trailer was hit sometime the night before while parked along a residential street. This case is currently under investigation. If you have any information, please contact the Valdez Police Department.
Public Assist: Officers provided transportation to a residence for a young student who reportedly got off of the school bus at the wrong bus stop.
Agency Assistance: At approximately 2100 hours, Valdez dispatch received multiple calls reporting a boat that had just exploded in the small boat harbor. Officers assisted Fire personnel and the Valdez Coast Guard with removing the individual and the boat from the harbor.
Noise Disturbance: Officers responded to a complaint of occupants at a nearby residence putting aerosol cans on a fire causing loud explosions. Upon contact, the individuals agreed to keep the noise down and the fire under control.
Criminal Mischief: A caller reported on going damage was done to her friend’s gravesite. Upon officer’s investigation, it was determined no criminal act had taken place; the damage was caused due to weather. 
Theft – Property: Four-wheeler ramps were reported stolen out of the back of a pickup truck. This is an ongoing investigation. If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the Valdez Police Department.
Welfare Check: A parent requested a welfare check on their daughter after she left home on her bicycle, and later found the bike in the back of a pickup truck. Upon an officers investigation, it was discovered the daughter was with her friend who had picked her up and put her bicycle in the back of the vehicle. Both individuals were determined to be fine.
Possible Drunk Driver: Police dispatch received a report of a vehicle swerving and crossing the center line multiple times.
Arrested: Dean Madden, DOB 03/24/1961, of Valdez, was arrested for Driving under the Influence.
Animal at Large: A caller reported two dogs were tangled up in a leash outside of a nearby residence. While an officer was untangling the dogs, the owner returned home and was made aware of the situation.
Criminal Mischief: A local business reported the post and chain blocking their entrance had been damaged. If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the Valdez Police Department.
Disturbance: A concerned parent reported an altercation between her child and another parent. This case is currently under investigation.
ETOH Pedestrian: An intoxicated individual was reportedly walking along the highway, stumbling into traffic and trying to wave vehicles down. An officer determined he was just trying to make his way home, and provided him transportation to his residence.
Alarm: Officers responded to an alarm going off that was reported to be coming from the inside of a neighbor’s residence. The alarm was turned off and an attempt to contact the owner was made.
Reckless Driving: A caller reported multiple dirt bikes were racing down a residential street. Officers were unable to locate them while patrolling the area.
Lost Property: A small, multi-colored wallet was reported lost. If found, please turn into the Valdez Police Department.
 Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 86

Fire Report

Fire Calls
9-15-14 to 9-12-14

9-15-14 Valdez EMS assisted with a medivac flight.

9-16-14 Valdez Fire Department investigated a fire alarm at the Senior Center.  The investigation showed a tenant had burned some food which activated the alarm.

9-16-14 Valdez Hazmat team investigated a possibly fuel spill on Birch Circle.

9-16-14 Valdez Fire Department investigated a fire alarm at the Valdez Man Camp. The investigation showed a faulty detector.

9-17-14 Valdez Fire/EMS responded to an explosion at the Valdez Small Boat Harbor. A vessel exploded due to propane.           

9-19-14 Valdez Fire Department investigated a fire alarm. The alarm was set off by smoke from an oven; no fire was in the home.

9-21-14 Valdez Hazmat team responded to a small oil spill, (1 qt). The spill was cleaned up, with no other danger to the area.

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