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Police And Fire Report

Police Report

July 21 - 27, 2014

Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations
and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.
Welfare Check: A caller reported a woman lying in some bushes crying beside a local bar. Officers contacted the individual under a picnic table and gave her a ride back to her residence.
Criminal Mischief: Complainant reported an American flag had been ripped from the wall of his residence. This case is currently under investigation.
Animal at Large: A caller reported a possible injured dog that was walking around a business parking lot. Officers made contact with the dog and the owner nearby in a parked vehicle.
Noise Disturbance: Dispatch received a call that someone was screaming from an apartment unit. Officer’s contacted the individual and issued a disorderly conduct warning.
Lost Property: A caller reported he put a cooler of cleaned halibut in the back of a pickup truck he believed belonged to his friend. He then discovered it was the wrong vehicle and that it was no longer parked in the parking area.
Property Damage: A local business reported property damage in a hotel room. Officers contacted the individual staying in the room, and determined it was a civil issue between both parties.
Arrested: Dana M. Freidin, DOB 01/20/1961, of Valdez, was arrested for Assault in the 4th Degree.
Welfare Check: A caller reported yelling and a crying child coming from a nearby residence. Officers responded and separated the parties for the night; no further issues were reported.
Assault: Officers were requested after an individual had been assaulted in the parking lot of a local business. This case is currently under investigation.
Property Theft: A suit case was reported stolen from a hotel hallway. This case is currently under investigation.
Neighbor Issues: A caller reported their neighbor had taken things from the walk-in entry of their home without permission. Officers trespassed the individual from the residence.
Welfare Check: A welfare check was requested on an elderly individual who looked to be asleep on a bicycle on the sidewalk. Officers found the individual pedaling his bicycle; they were alive and well.
Citizen Assist: A caller reported a young child had shown up at her residence without an adult. Officers assisted the child in reuniting with their mother.
Bear Incident: A bear was reported to be going through a burn pile in a residential area. The CSO was unable to find the bear.
Found Property: A credit card was found in a local business parking lot. Call VPD at 835-4560 with descriptors to claim.
Animal at Large: A pit-bull was reported running loose near the post office. The ACO returned the dog to its residence.
Animal at Large: A black dog was reported to be barking at oncoming traffic in the dog park area. The ACO was unable to make contact with any dog matching the description given.
Lost Property: A complainant reported a pair of Carhartt pants with his wallet and cell phone in them fell out of his back pack while walking around town. If found, please turn them into the Valdez Police Department.
Disturbance: A local business requested officer’s assistance in trespassing an unruly customer. The individual agreed not to go back to the business.
Theft of Money: Dispatch received a report of donation funds being withdrawn from a bank account without permission. This case is currently under investigation.
Noise Disturbance: A local business reported multiple individuals were verbally fighting nearby. Officers were unable to make contact with anyone matching the descriptions given.
Arrested: Cale W. Harrison, DOB 03/01/1984, of Valdez, was arrested for Reckless Endangerment, Criminal Mischief in the 5th Degree, and Reckless Driving.
Noise Disturbance: A caller requested an officer speak with their neighbor about loud music late at night. Officers contacted the individual who agreed to turn the music down.
Arrested: Rosemarie K. Rice, DOB 06/24/70, of Valdez, was arrested for Driving under the Influence.
Property Theft: A caller reported their IMAC computer had been stolen overnight. If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the Valdez Police Department.
Criminal Mischief: A local business reported damage to their equipment overnight. This case is currently under investigation.
Motor Vehicle Accident: A caller reported their car had been hit while eating at a local restaurant. Upon investigation, officer’s contacted the individual who hit the car. Insurance information was exchanged.
Motor Vehicle Accident: Dispatch received a report of a motor vehicle accident. Officers responded and after investigation, issued par forms to both parties and a citation for ‘failure to stop at a stop sign’.
Bear Incident: A caller reported people were getting too close to the bears on Dayville Road. The CSO supervised the area until the bears left the area.
Fire Alarm:  Officers assisted the Fire Department with an active fire alarm investigation in an apartment building. The alarm was reset after determining no fire had occurred.
Animal Impound: A dog was impounded after a complainant called in requesting an officer come retrieve it from their yard.
Parking Problems: A complainant reported a camping spot that he paid for had been taken by another individual while he was away. The CSO assisted him in finding another camping spot; no further issues were reported.
Bar Disturbance: A caller requested officer’s assistance for three fights in progress at a local bar. Upon officer arrival, everything had calmed down and it was reported that nothing physical had occurred.
Property Theft: A caller reported someone had stolen their iPhone during a garage sale at their residence. This case is currently under investigation.
Reckless Driving: A complainant reported a maroon pickup truck was driving recklessly on the Richardson Highway. Officers were unable to contact a vehicle matching the description given.
Intoxicated Pedestrian: A caller reported a barefooted individual was walking down the road. Officer’s contacted the individual and assisted in transporting him back to his residence.
Suspicious Person: A caller reported they heard knocking on their door and laughter outside their home. Officers searched the area but were unable to locate anyone.
Disturbance: Officers responded to a complaint of an intoxicated individual caring for juveniles. Upon contact with the individual, all juveniles had already left the residence.
Arrested: Bobby J. Green, DOB 06/02/1981, of California, was arrested for Driving Under the Influence.
Bar Disturbance: A bartender requested officer’s assistance with removing an individual they had trespassed three times from the establishment. Upon officer arrival, the complainant reported the individual had already left.
Theft: A caller reported a neighbor was stealing electricity from their home by using an extension cord that had been plugged into their residence. The neighbor was then trespassed from the residence.
Animal Impound: A pit bull was impounded after reported to be running large.
Theft of Services: A local RV Park reported two individuals used their facility but refused to pay for services. The park called back shortly after to report that after being made aware that police would be involved, the individuals paid their fee. No further contact was requested.
Information: A caller reported a motorcycle that looked like it had been wrecked was along the Mineral Creek Trail with no one around. Officers contacted the owner who was being treated for injuries.
Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 136



Fire Report

Fire Calls
7-21-14 to 7-28-14
7-22-14 Valdez EMS responded to a medivac request from Providence Valdez Medical Center for a female having chest pains.      

7-22-14 Valdez EMS responded to an individual with head lacerations. The patient was treated at the scene and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.     

7-24-14 Valdez Fire Department responded to alarm activation at Prince William Sound Student Housing Valdez Hall. After investigation of the area, the alarm was activated by burnt food in the oven.   

7-25-14 Valdez EMS responded to a motor vehicle accident on Meals and Pioneer Drive. No injuries were sustained.      

7-25-14 Valdez Fire Department responded to fire alarm activation at Sound View apartments. The investigation showed no fire at the scene.    

7-26-14 Valdez Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at the Valdez Middle School. The investigation showed no fire at the scene.

7-28-14 Valdez Fire Department responded to a fire alarm at the City School Bus Barn. The investigation showed no fire at the scene.



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