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Police And Fire Report

Police Report

September 22nd – September 28th, 2014

Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations
and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.
Traffic Hazard: Something was reported in the road by the Teen Center. Officers responded and cleared the hazard.
Civil Process: Civil Papers were served on a California Case.
Citizen Assist: FedEx Ford F-250 broke down by Worthington Glacier and requested help finding a towing company.  Dispatch contacted the Towing Company and the person stated he will wait by the broken down truck for the Tow Truck.
Lost Property: A black Net-10 Prepaid smart phone and clonazepam pills were lost in the Valdez area.  If found please return to the police department.
Disturbance Noise: A TV was turned up way to loud and shaking the neighbors trailer for the past 2 hours.  Person was contacted and they turned the TV down.
Smoke Present, no Flames:  A report of smoke in the air possibly from a bonfire in South Central or the Saw Mill Area near the storage units.  Officers responded and found several trailers down, they were having a fire and smoke was coming out of a chimney.  All appeared fine.
Assist EMS Crew: Officer responded for a 64 year old female who fell in the ladies locker room. Patient was conscious and breathing but complaining of head pain.
Barking Dog:  A complaint of dogs barking for hours, on a back porch was reported.  No one was home, Animal Control Officer left a warning on the door.
MVA-D:  AMotor Vehicle Accident with Damage was reported to have occurred at mile post 17.2 of the Richardson Highway. Patient was transported to Hospital. 
Aggressive Animal: Report of a Bull Dog attacking another dog and when complainant tried to break them up, Bull Dog bit her shoe.  Animal Control Officer spoke with the owner.  Owner will make sure the dog is secure from now on.
Criminal Mischief:  Someone stomped on the slide, put holes in it, ripped up the rubber turf and knocked over the springy toy at the Senior League Field.  Anyone with information on this is requested to call the Police Department with details.
Disturbance Noise:  A Party in the street next door with intoxicated individuals screaming and vehicles driving too fast up and down the street was reported.  When Officers responded they did not find anyone driving and advised the individuals to keep the noise down.
DWL Revoked/Suspended: Juan Delgado, DOB 11/6/1972, of Eagle River, AK was arrested for Driving while License was Revoked/Suspended.
 Animal At Large:  An animal was reported at large on Eagle Street.  Animal Control Officer responded but the dog had left the area.
Public Speaking/Appearance:  Officers provided ALICE training for 30-35 people at the hospital.
Sounds of Shots Fired: A report of guns being fired near a resident’s house. Officers found people ½ mile away shooting and they were in the process of stopping.
Animal Impound: A dog at large was picked up and impound by the Animal Control Officer.
Disturbance Other: A person was outside of a residence screaming for the person inside to come out. When Officers arrived the person had left the area, he was later trespassed from the property.
Mother Nature Damage: A lady reported the earthquake caused damage to a joint on the city dock at the entrance closest to the Ferry Terminal and that water was spraying out of the joint.  An Officer investigated the area and found nothing broken.
Fish and Game: An injured Eagle was reported at the Salmon Turnaround.  Animal Control Officer investigated the incident.
Found Property:   An older style cell phone, brand Telme, was found and turned into the Police Department.   If you have lost this phone please contact the Police department to claim.
Domestic Assault:  A physical assault was reported to have occurred between two individuals.  Officers responded and separated them for the night. No arrests were made.
Disturbance Noise: A report of hammering coming from the ballpark/armory area was heard for the past hour.  Officers investigated and found a work truck at Harris Sand and Gravel was the source of the noise.
Lost Property:  A black AT&T iPhone 3 with a purple case was lost in the Valdez area.  If found please turn into the Police Department.
Barking Dog:  A report of a dog barking non-stop on 9th street was received. Officer’s contacted the owner of the dog.
Barking Dog: A neighbor’s dog was on the back deck barking. Dog has access to a “doggie door” so it can move freely outside to bark.  Owner was contacted and the dog was secured inside.
Serve Time: Robert Goldstein, DOB 08/30/1978, of Valdez was remanded to the Valdez Jail to serve time on Assault charges, guilty on all counts.
Oil Spill:  A report of @½ teaspoon of hydraulic fluid was spilled approximately .76 nautical miles off shore – notification only – leak stopped and fluid dissipated.  No further assistance needed.
Traffic Complaint: Two dirt bikes were driving around at excessive speed.  Officers located the dirt bikes and issued a citation to both drivers.
Prowler:  A person called to report someone lurking around their house.  Officers responded to scene to investigate but the subject had already left.  Subject was later trespassed from the property.
Serve Time:   Cody Honea, DOB 09/18/1992, of Valdez checked into the Valdez Jail to serve 10 days for Minor in Possession.
DUI:  Melvin Mason, DOB 3/23/1973, of Valdez was arrested for DUI.
911:  A report of a person breaking into a home while intoxicated and being verbally abusive to people in the home.  Officers responded but the subject had left the area.  Subject was later located and told not to return to the property that night.
Await Trial: Robert Dorr, DOB 4/12/51, of Anchorage is in Valdez Jail awaiting Trial.
Theft of Property: A report of a stolen Orvis Clearwater 8 weigh fly rod fishing pole was stolen from a residence. Under investigation, anyone with information on this is asked to contact the Valdez Police Department.
Theft of Property: Prescription drugs were stolen from a residence. Currently under investigation.
Missing Person:  A person was reported missing for three hours and had not returned.  The person came back on their own, no further investigation needed.
Lost Property:  A wallet was lost in the Valdez area containing ID, debit card.  If found please turn into the Valdez Police Department.
Serve Time:  James Earl Moore, DOB 8/17/1974, of Valdez checked into Valdez Jail to serve time on a charge of DUI.
Theft of Bicycle: A yellow Bullet bike was stolen from the middle school sometime between Wednesday and Saturday.  Under investigation, if you have any information regarding this please call the Valdez Police Department.
DUI: Michael Cronin, DOB 1/11/1960, of Anchorage was arrested for DUI.
MVA – D: An accident on Glacier Haul Road with multiple vehicles was reported.   Officers responded and found two vehicles involved.
Fire Alarm:  A fire alarm at the airport was set off by the company working on the airport roof. Police and Fire Department responded to investigate.
Sounds of Shots fired:  Gun shots were heard in the Alpine Woods area.  Officer made contact with parties involved and they will be stopping.
 Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 108

Fire Report

Fire Calls
9-22-14 to 9-28-14

9-23-14 Valdez EMS responded to a medical assistance call at the Valdez City Pool. A customer had slipped and fell in the locker room.

9-23-14 Valdez EMS assisted with a medivac transport.  

9-25-14 Valdez Fire Department investigated an electrical fire on Chalet Drive. The situation was investigated and under control.  

9-26-14 Valdez Fire Department investigated fire alarms that the Fire Alarm Company was testing.

9-26-14 Valdez Fire responded to a fire alarm at the Valdez High School.  After investigation the alarm was set off by the smoke machine in the hallway.         
9-28-14 Valdez Fire Department investigated a fire alarm at the Pioneer Field Airport. The alarm was set off by sheetrock dust from the ongoing project at the airport.


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