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Police And Fire Report

Police Report

November 17 – November 23, 2014

Any charges reported in this press release are merely accusations
and the Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.
Fraud Credit Card:  There was a report of fraud on a debit card.  This case is currently under investigation.
Fish & Game:  A caller reported hitting an eagle with their vehicle. There was damage to the vehicle and the eagle was injured.  The caller brought the eagle in, it died on scene.
Traffic Complaint:  A report of two cars driving recklessly and running a stop sign at Raven/River was received. The vehicles were a Volvo SUV and a Ford Focus that were headed into Town.  An Officer stopped one of the vehicles on the Betty Cato Bridge. The driver denied speeding and stated they had been cut off by the other vehicle. The Officer investigated incident.
Citizen Assist:  A caller reported locking keys in their vehicle 40 miles west of Glennallen and requested assistance in contacting someone to help.  The towing company’s phone number was given to the person.  No further assistance required by officers.
Barking Dog:  2 complaints were received for dogs barking nonstop for the past 2 hours.  It was also reported that the continuous barking has been going on for months.   The owner of the dogs was out of town but would contact someone to put the dogs away. This was turned over to the Animal Control Officer.
MICS Marijuana:  During a traffic stop for speeding, an 18 year old was given a citation for possession, use of controlled substance.
VID:  A caller reported a blue Ford expedition off in the trees on airport road, right before the road turns to gravel by the glacier. Officer’s investigated and identified the owner of the vehicle.
Welfare Check:  The Counseling Center requested a welfare check on a person who did not show up for an appointment.  Officer’s contacted the person and was informed they had overslept.
Animal at Large:  A caller reported a dog left outside since 7am and barking nonstop on a doorstep. The Animal Control Officer left a message for the owner about the dog barking.
Agency Assistance:  An officer was requested at the high school by a student. It was a counseling issue and no further police presence was needed.
Drill:  Alyeska Pipeline conducted a suspicious package drill.  Officers responded and investigated the incident.  Fire department was on standby if needed.
Contact with Hitchhiker:   A report of a couple hitchhiking with a boy who was in the street was received.  The Officer responded but the couple and child must have received a ride.
DUI:  An Officer was requested at HHES for a person leaving the area and suspected of DUI.   Tamara Sandoval, DOB: 6/10/1981, of Valdez was arrested for two counts of Misconduct involving a Controlled Substance 4th, Misconduct involving a Controlled Substance 5th, Driving Under the Influence and endangering the welfare of a minor 1st. 
Criminal Mischief:  A report of tire marks in a person’s yard was received.  Officer investigated and found no real damage but the complaint was logged.
Agency Assistance:  Office of Child Services requested an officer at HHES to assist in taking custody of a child.
Possible Drunk Driver:  A report of a dark red Chevy PU swerving and crossing the center line repeatedly was received. Officer responded contacted driver and found that the driver was not DUI.
Assault Simple:  An assault was reported.  This is currently under investigation.
Possible Drunk Driver:  A Woman reported following a small white car on the duck flats, traveling 30 miles per hour, crossing the fog line and hitting the breaks.  Officer located the vehicle and no alcohol was involved.
Disorderly Conduct:  A report of an intoxicated roommate who was becoming physically aggressive towards people was called in.  The Officer contacted the parties involved and issued a disorderly conduct warning.
Disorderly Conduct:  Officer’s were called back to the scene.  Steven Frederick Woodman, DOB 09/17/60, of Valdez was Arrested for Disorderly Conduct.
Harassment: A caller reported being harassed. This case is currently under investigation.
Litter, Pollution, Public Health:  A report of debris on the roadway on Glacier Haul road was received. An Officer investigated and did not find any debris on the road.
Reckless Driving:  A report of a vehicle racing around doing laps on W Klutina Street was received.  Officers responded to the area but did not find any vehicles speeding in the area.
Possible Drunk Driver:   A call was received from someone following a Blue Dodge with a Black topper that was weaving, crossing the yellow line and driving on the rumble strip.   Officers were dispatched to 4 mile and searched the area but the vehicle could not be located.
Trespassing:  A report of 2 people on a roof of a business was called in.   An Officer responded but did not find anyone in the area.
Animal Impound:  A 9 year old girl reported a golden retriever in her yard.  An Officer responded and impounded the dog.
Animal at Large:  A loose dog with tags was reported at the Ferry Terminal area.  An officer located the dog and returned it to the owner.
Total Police and Animal calls for the week: 61


Fire Report

Fire Calls
11-17-14 to 11-23-14

11-17-14 Valdez EMS responded to an injury for an eight year old. The child was treated and transported to Providence Valdez Medical Center.     

11-19-14 Valdez Hazmat team investigated a CO Alarm at Valdez Mobile Home Park.    
11-20-14 Valdez Fire Department assisted Parks Department in the control burn brush fire at the dog park.      

11-21-14 Valdez Hazmat team investigated a CO alarm on Ptarmigan Place. After investigation the detector was found to be malfunctioning.   


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